Today was one of those days when all the work at the gym became apparent.

100_6758_edited Today felt good, today was neat…today we had the first significant snowfall for this winter. I went out to just shovel the steps and put some salt down on them. Well I got to the bottom of the steps and looked at the walkway and thought what the heck. ( Now last year I would have looked at the sidewalk and said—“Heck it is only 3 inches- it will melt.” ) Than I would have proceeded back into the house huffing and puffing.

Well I got to the end of the walkway and thought- “Why not clear around the car” ( Last year I would have left it for the plow guy , it is  20.00 for him to do it.., he appreciates the $$$$$)

But this year… I shoveled a little bit here and there, and looked at the shed and thought- aw what the heck- I will just clear the doorway to the shed area while I am out here. Well before I could talk myself out of it… poof 100_6756_edited I had the whole driveway done- no rests, no leaning on the shovel appearing to be pondering when in actuality I was trying to breathe. NOPE not today- not this gal… I made it through- NO BIG DEAL. I felt great doing it and when I was done !

I was actually kinda bumming the driveway was not big enough to fit 8 cars instead of 6 !As I headed towards the house, I realized what a testament this is to the past 9 months at the gym and all the nutritional stuff we are doing.

I think I am probably pushing 55 pound loss and 62 inches lost maybe, I am down 3 pant sizes at least, and the once impossible feat of more than 2 minutes on the elliptical is now a 30 minute go crazy feat. 

there are so many things that are not a problem that once were. Like…

I do not mind parking is East Hodunk to walk into a store,

I can see my feet,

it is not a pain to bend over and tie my shoes,

I do not have to physically  lift my leg to cross my legs,

I do not feel like I have to squeeze into a booth,

my SNUG clothes fit loosely,

I have room in armed chairs for my butt, I can use a regular length watch band, I do not have to shop in the LARGER WOMEN clothing stores any more, I no longer go through any fast food drive-thrus for a quick dinner for us, Mark and I can comfortably sleep in a Queen size bed, I do not feel a restaurant is ripping us off – when they serve an actual real serving size, a pound of dry pasta is good for 3 meals now instead of one , I love getting on the floor and playing with the grandkids, oh the list grows every day as I continue to shrink. I know I have a long way to go, and I do not get discouraged…maybe a little impatient at times, but not discouraged. Life is so much better !! 

So I am off now- I have a solo tomorrow in church, need to go practice. I hope you have a great evening. Be good to yourself… Love always, Mrs  Justa.. alias Cindy