image Have you ever known a person who lives in a black and white world?

Someone who sees no shades of gray, no color in anything?

I am not talking literally black, white , colors and gray, but I mean people who have to either like or hate something…they live in absolutes.

There have been people in my life like that, I can think of a few right now who are like that. It is a unique way to be, no guessing how they go on in life, but it hurts to watch them at times because they get hurt easily.

An example- let’s say you are having a bad day and a person who sees no color hues, nonshades of gray ( so to speak) is on the receiving end of a look or a comment. That person becomes totally taken back, the world is coming to an end, you must just plain out hate them. When in reality- you are just having a bad day and you let it come out in your tone, words or action. In an hour or two, maybe in a day or so, things are better… but that person , that absolute has already figured out you totally despise them- they are sure of it.

Absolute people have places that they are probably very good at- accounting, finance, bridge building, walking a tight rope- those are things one would want someone doing that is sure every step is correct. You definitely do not want a person who can look at things in many different ways, one who is creative and will do anything to make something work, you do not want them building a bridge or skyscraper, or designing your car, – but they would be a great boss, a great friend, a great cook, a fun parent.

I was thinking about this today as I thought about something that was in a book I have … it goes like this:

100_4915 “It’s okay to get discouraged, but don’t ever give up. The sun is always up there…somewhere..shining in the sky” (Collin McCarty)

That is a thought of a person who can see colors , who can see shades of gray. For an absolutist would act like the sun is gone forever.

So which are you…

the stringent  person or the one with flexibility? Hmmm. can ya guess what I am?

I will give you a hint.. I see shades of gray, I see colors…

Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy