100_6677 A night to vent, to speak my mind a bit. I am so troubled by the way it seems that there are some folks who have no respect for human life. Shootings every day in the city- seems like a couple times a day, a young girl ( 20 yrs old) , home for Thanksgiving break, murdered in her home and taken to a wooded area, body dropped and vegetation put over her body… and it is thought to be a result of an x-boyfriends actions,……. and just a couple of evenings ago a 20 month old shot to death in his families mini van.

Life is so precious, and it feels like there are too many who have no idea what they are doing, shooting a gun seems to be like clapping your hands , getting dressed in the morning or buying milk at the store. It is really very demoralizing.

I remember back when our kids were 5 or 6 there were arcades at the mall. We would take them there and they were allowed X amount of money and there were certain games they could play. No shooting, stabbing, robbing games. Just fun type games. I can recall watching other young kids with no boundaries on what they can play, playing games where they were pretending to cut out peoples hearts, or blow people up, murder police, steal cars. I can remember thinking – WHAT THE HELL are we doing to our future generation. With only a quarter or 50 cents, these kids could be exposed over and over again to jumping people, killing them and walking away.

And now- fast forward- 20 years later- that is what I am seeing happen. Except it is real now. It is real guns, real home invasions, real treating people like they are more of a disposable item than a part of the sanctity  of life.

Rumors have it that the shooter intended to shoot the baby! Some stories are throwing words around like they were gang related, or they were really after the babies father. There was an incident this past summer where a guy went a little wacko- took a x relationship person hostage and when the cops came, the dude grabbed his 5 month old son, held him in front of himself and shot the baby infront of the police officers- before shooting himself. Kids holding kids hostage at their schools. Guns too easily available to those who should not have them, 100_6550

We need to as a society STOP_ we need to find a purpose in life,  we need to go back to a time when families meant something and sharing time with family was a must,  we need to respect life and realize the real meaning of life. We need to stop the violence— it may sell— but what price are we paying in society. Stop the ease of guns, stop the lack of family functions, stop the inconsideration of others…. we need to STOP.

Please create a peaceful life in your part of the world, appreciate people for what they have to offer, and teach our children that problems are not solved with a bullet. Peace and love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy