Thanksgiving came and passed,  my sister and her husband have headed back to Michigan, I finished my vacation in a most festive way. I did one of my many favorite things, I decorated for Christmas. I try to get the Christmas decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I gotta admit, I was not sure I would get that done this year.

It was like Satan was pulling on me and saying- “Why decorate? Just put up the 3 foot tree on a table top and forget all the decorations.”  Satan was almost winning with me for a short spell. I had made a list of decorating tasks, but really unsure if I would check everything off. Much to our surprise, when we came home on Saturday at about 5:00 in the evening, we were faced with a section of the trim on the eave of the house flapping in the wind.

So we had to go to the shed and get the scaffolding. It is set up and on wheels, so it rolled out of the shed quite easily. We were using it for a shelf for the Christmas decorations.100_6750_edited So being I had to roll the scaffolding right past the den window- the Christmas decorations came for the ride. Mark came in the house and I passed the plastic bins of decorations thru the window- it is easier than climbing up the steps with them 🙂 The den window is only 6 inches at the most off the floor- so putting them through the window does not cause a problem with lifting them. If we had not had the aluminum piece come off- I do not know if I would have decorated to the extent I did..So the aluminum coming off was a spiritual intervention- a battle between God and Satan.. and Satan lost.

After I was done- it felt right, it felt good.

I tried something different this year. For the past umpteen years we have had some plastic lighted figurines in the yard. As the years have past, I went from trying to weigh them down with rocks inside them, to bungee cording them together to try to get more strength in numbers, to getting tent stakes and pounding them in around the base of each of them them and than wrapping the stakes with bungee cords … and to no avail- the wind would blow them over. And as the world decorations has advanced to 6-8 foot blow up Santas, Snoopies, and  many more forms – our plastic figurines looked kinda cheap in the vastness of the outdoors.

100_6751 So this year… the wind is not going to get these guys…

They are safe inside, guarding the gifts, standing proud in their spiffy uniforms and looking quite handsome.

And than Santa- 100_6752_edited well Santa is in from the cold too. Safe in the corner , greeting people as they come into the house. These three figurines were all lit up and ready to say HI as I came in from work tonight. I remember when Jeff was about 10 and he and I went to K mart- I wanted to do something special for him for Christmas and have decorations, something he would feel special from- I remember we did not have a lot of money. We found these 3 guys at the front of the store- I think we paid less than $9.00 for each of them . We had strands of lights that I had stored in “Fays Drugs Bags” from years before and we had thumbtacks. I remember how Jeff had a riot thumbtacking strands of lights down the hall and around the ceilings. I loved seeing the magic of Christmas in his eyes as he plugged in all these lights . He had the magic of Christmas….  Ha—for a whole month at night he did not want any regular lights on – we just had all these tiny lights lit. It seems like just yesterday…

I find a sense of peace, a sense of ‘things are going to be okay”, a sense of calmness.

And  in a very weird sort of way feel blessed that the piece came off the house… because it kicked me in the butt, it reminded me how special a time of year this is, and I am glad I got this done.

I think had I not, I would have felt down all season. The joy of Christmas, the warmth of the decorations, the comfort of home. I hope you enjoy this season too.

Life has not always been easy for me at the Holidays, as it has not been for probably most of us…there have been heart breaks,  missing people who are no longer with me, finances, regrets… but through it all-

I believe there is a Magic of Christmas that lives in each of us.

Love and peace to all, Mrs Justa- alias Cindy