This was the start of my day today. About 2 hours into my day today. I am thankful for so much, and right now I am thankful for the family I have, for the friends I have, for the fact that I did not super stuff myself, and that the propane was full enough to cook a ton of food today!

Oh it was a beautiful sunrise- and it was at a time when I was feeling like my list of 20-30 things to do was never going to be reached by 3:30 or 4 when I expected to start to see people arrive. It was like God was saying to stop and appreciate life, not worry about life.

Last weekend I had done my regular weekend cleaning- but with cooking and baking and such, I wanted to go through again and sweep and wash the floors and do the counter tops and just perk up everything. And than hoping I had things made and timed correctly.

I started the day doing the touch up house work at oh around 4:00 , and than around 7 I was going great guns getting everything ready. Washing the turkey and getting it ready for the oven at 12, and making the yams, green bean casserole and stuffing in advance. Cutting up the cheese and getting the dip and veggies ready, 100_6742 At one point everything was waiting to get baked- and sat in the fridge—

I could not have fit one more thing in that fridge. It was fun getting everything ready, I am tired though, what a busy day.

I wanted things to be just right, it is kinda hard to plan everything to be done at the same time, and for everything to be cooked just right. I am like the nerd cook—at 10 this morning I am doing a time line for when what goes in where.

And we had to strategically plan the table setting, did we want the kids at a separate table or mingled with the adults- we ended up with no “kids” table and all gather around together.


I have to laugh at this picture- it was taken about 3:30 this afternoon, before anyone had arrived. Notice on the right side of the table the dog and cat looking up at me, as if to say “ I don’t like the looks of this “

it is different for the pets, they are not used to too many people here at once, they are affected by their turf being open to folks they do not see a lot. They were both very well behaved and I am thankful we have the pets we do.

I think 18 people is the max in this 2 area setting, we could have had 3 more but they would have been sitting in the kitchen, and 4 additional bar stools could have sat 4 people too.. but I think this was a good number.

Black Friday- I am leaning away from the 4:00 AM push and prod of people, my idea is maybe the gym for 5 hrs… even though I do not believe I pigged out, my plate had more food than what I eat daily.

But it was a great day, and once again – my tradition lies firm…. I left the dang cranberry sauce in the fridge ……….uggg. And this year I even took it out of the can and had it on the serving plates do I would remember… but NOOOOOOOOOOOO not till clean up did I find out the cranberry sauce survived the day unscathed.

So I am going to be winding down in a bit, resting my weary legs, and body, cranking up the mattress cover and trying to snooze for a bit. I hope you have a special memory from today. I have many, ……thanks to God for a perfect day, and thanks to everyone for coming over and sharing today with us.

Love to all…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy