As much fun as I have in the holiday season, I love for it to come—but after Christmas Day, I am glad another year has come and gone.

We do different things around the Holidays, and this year there is a teeny weenie part of me that is thinking about doing the 3AM Black Friday thing- just so we can say we did it. We need to see what is going to be on sale where and decide if there is anything we really want to get at 3AM on a Friday morning. Heck I guess Toys R Us is open at midnight!. But , like I told Mark earlier today- I have to get past Thanksgiving first.

I100_6697_edited have a bunch of thoughts all flying through my brain about Thanksgiving, making sure it is a very nice day for everyone who comes over and making sure that I have 100_6702_edited thought of everything I need. Thinking about the dishes, the silverware, the table cloth, the seating. oh my mind is swirling.

The couch has been moved to the front windows and what I figure is Thursday morning the blue recliner can be moved next to the couch and that will open up the area for the dining room table and a banquet table to get stretched out.



I think the teen- preteens will be 100_6699_edited at the dinette in the kitchen- they are 3 kids that will be in there. They can enjoy each others company and talk about teen stuff. I remember my mom always tried to have a “kids table” as her grandchildren were coming for Thanksgiving.

The really young ones obviously will be at the “adult” table.

I love doing the Thanksgiving dinner- and it always is nice when all the things fall into order- and everything is done, no glitches. In a little while I am going to bake the breads for Thursday, and a SMALL recipe of sugar cookies. I have the big butt turkey thawing in the fridge, and I think it will be okay by Thursday AM to start cooking away.

Today was day one of my vacation officially. I did sleep in a little, and no one called from work- so they must be holding things together without me. It is a great group of people I work with and there are many who can and have covered for me. So I do not ever feel like I can not take time off.

Got up around 8:30, did a few things around the house, we went out for breakfast and to the gym. Stopped and visited Amanda and Jeff for a bit and now we are here— I have a trial recipe of Yams in the oven right now- want to see how it is before making it on Thanksgiving.. so I am off- to get dinner ready and than to start baking. Maybe will practice my song for church in 2 weeks tonight—and than chill.. Love to all. Mrs Justa—alias Cindy