Yesterday I was driving my Ford Fusion over to the bank to make a deposit, listening to some tunes , sun coming in thru the sunroof, feeling okay about stuff in general. The route I chose took be through a village that is pretty busy. It was about 12:15 in the afternoon, and people were driving to and from all the different village shops, and gas stations, stores and diners. As I am approaching a VERY busy intersection, down the road, facing traffic was a woman , I would say about in her mid to late 60s on a power mobility device, a scooter of sorts. She appeared to be rather over weight, and dressed in a flannel shirt and sweat pants. Her hair was longish, gray and twisted on top of her head, with strands flying in the wind every which way.

She had a fabric type purse sitting in her lap, she was clutching the arms and the control and off to who knows where, a basket of some sort on the back.

I was amazed to see her gusto and focus she portrayed in her journey. Does she live in a flat? Does she live in an apartment ? Is she able to walk at all? At what point is enough enough and one decides to head off to Byrne Dairy, Wegmans or the Rite Aid Drug store on their scooter? I think it takes ALOT of courage and determination to take on a mission like that, and here she was , in more traffic than I like to drive a car in, sharing the road with all of us. Could I muster up enough guts to do that?

And today we were headed up Route 3 in Fulton. It too is a VERY busy road. There was a blind man walking , again facing traffic, using his stick as he walked up the shoulder of the road. Tapping it back and forth, his stick being his sight. This road is one that curves,has a creek that leads to a lake on one side, and he was a ways away from any stores.

Again I felt an admiration for this person, but at the same time I felt bad for this person’s situation. Where was he going? How does he know he has not drifted onto the actual lane in the road. Was he going in the direction he had intended to go in? And if he was- well Walmart is about 3 miles up the road, but how would he know what he is buying? Maybe he was heading to Dunkin Donuts- but that is a scary thought- DD is on the other side of this busy street.

I feel very blessed to be able to drive a car, to even have a car, to be able to see, to be able to go where I need ( or think I need ) to go.To have a job, to have everything I do.

As much as life can seem at times like it sucks— it does not… any of us who are on line, who have a furnace that clicks on, who have food in the cupboards, a refrigerator that works, a phone to speak to people on, clothes to keep us warm, and people who care , and hopefully a love for one self…we have a lot….. .

… NO life does not suck !

Imagine having to depend on a scooter or a white and red stick to get you where you have to go. To me, I think that would be very difficult for me.

But you know what—I bet neither of these people feel that life sucks for them… I bet they feel blessed they have the scooter or the stick. We need to take a moment .. many moments.. and be thankful for what ever it is we have- and what better week to think about this , than the week of Thanksgiving. Until later- love to all. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy