I once ran across a quote – I do not know who wrote it, no one signed it… but I found it humorous.

It may have been off a Confucius site- it went something like this…..

“If you get to thinking that you are a person of some influence….

try ordering around somebody else’s dog “

Ha— I really love that. How often in life have you had experience with a proverbial dog or a real one.

I remember long long ago- probably about 18 years ago.. way back when Mark was driving over the road and it was rare for image us to have a lot of time together-the kids were at their other parents homes, it was the weekend and  Mark and I had decided to walk down a country road that was behind the mobile home park we used to live in.
We are strolling down this kinda desolate road, talking about our week past, minding our own business and all of the sudden there was a very LOUD bark.

We looked over and there was a dog that looked like Marmaduke in a back/ side yard. He was chained to a dog house, it was a pretty heavy duty looking chain and well Ol’ Marmaduke did not like us walking down the road.

So Mark decided to bark back as we walked by, I guess trying to let Marmaduke know we were going to walk and there was not one darn thing he was going to do about it !

We passed their property, and Maraduke settled down, I guess he felt he had done his duty to the world and scared us off.

About 15 minutes or so later we stroll back by Marmaduke- still chained to the dog house and less happy about us walking by again. I think Ol marma had felt we vanished from fright.

Again Mark and Marmaduke were having  a yipping, barking contest, as we walked at a rather quick pace by their property . Marmaduke was getting the last bark in and really sounding kinda pissed off at us, all of the sudden there was a LOUD sound of wood snapping, we turned around to see Marmaduke headed towards us with the front of the dog house flopping up and down as the chain leaped to and fro. I recall looking at Mark in total surprise, only to see that Mark had a dumbfounded look and an “Oh shit oh dear” look on his face. image I remember a feeling of “Crap what do we do” and that was being drowned by a voice telling me to “Book this joint” but instead I stood there in awe- the legs of that dog were LLOOONNGGG- and the bark pretty nasty. He was booking towards us, we could feel the ground moving as the dog and dog house approached. I took a deep breath, thinking it was my last before those long legs knocked me down and he had us for dinner.

Than poof… out of nowhere- it was like God planted a female dog on a step to a house between me , Mark and Marmaduke. In a split second- we became old news and the little dog was enticing for Marmaduke to get familiar with.

I think at that moment- we made a new record of walking fast. And once we were secure in our house, I think the color came to our face again and by nights end we could laugh about it. It was kinda funny as I look back at it, but at the time… not so much. I am laughing now !!! We must have looked pretty darn funny…

I was reminded of this today, as I walked over to Walgreens by work, there was a dog walking down the sidewalk , chain in tow… and NO I did not look in his eyes, I did not bark…

I hope you have a great night !!.. Love, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy ( Images from Google images/ from Cartoon stock.)