What is… and what looks like it is but it isn’t?

When I look at this photo I see a forest fire, I see hot glow, I see danger, I see run for your life…

it looks like grab the children, grab your dog , get the cows out in the field, hope you have enough fuel to boogie-

and I’m outta here type setting………………….


but in reality- it is the sun rising and the clouds trying to push it back down.

This was yesterday morning on my way to work. I have to laugh- I need to leave an hour early so I can take some sunrise photos.


It was a really neat sunrise- one that brought out all sorts of emotions.

I am not sure what enthralls me about the sky, but I become almost mesmerized by the majestic light show the morning brings.

It really makes my day- I feel refreshed, I feel insignificant in the whole scheme of things, and yet I feel blessed to have the vision to see this beauty, this natural work of majestic wonder, a scene that  no one individually can duplicate.

My vision still amazes me. To think in the past 5 months I have had both lenses removed from my eyes and plastic type ones put in their place. And I can see out of them . It is weird- it is a what is real and what is not type experience.

To look through these lenses in my eyeballs- it is not the way the real lens was- it is sharp but through plastic. I am aware of the artificial vision- it is assessed to be 20/20 but it is fake. Like the fire above that is really the sun rise.  And yet I am so thankful that I had that option to have the fake lens put in each eye, had that not been an option, I probably would have faced years of deteriorating vision.

Who knows what the morning sky will bring tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. For to me, it is a feeling of comfort, a feeling of wonder, a feeling of amazement.

Tomorrow morning look around as you head out to your destination. I hope it is spectacular !

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy