Tuesday is almost done, and I am feeling the pain somewhat. I had my half hour with the trainer and I went to the gym early so I could beat myself up before he took over. I do not know if any of you know the song “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart, but it came on the MP3 player at the last 10 minutes. It is from a CD title Rod Stewart unplugged- and it is a rather LONG version of it. So I put the elliptical step on 18- which means I was climbing a mountain with that stride, and I am trying to use the arms of the machine to get my arms moving, I accentuated the strides- and basically I am feeling the after-effects of Maggie Mae.

Oh that song brings back some pretty awesome memories. Back when I was a young one – 18 years old- it was legal drinking age- which meant I could legally go to a dance place in Syracuse. It was initially “The Scene East” .. ( I think there might have been a “Scene West” in Buffalo.

Anyhow this place was neat- there was a dance floor that was like a plastic type material, elevated, in all different color squares and there were lights under the squares- the lights alternated, so the dance floor was always changing. ( kinda like this one I found on google images.. ) Me and some of my friends would dance all night long. We did not all drink alcohol- I was often the designated driver- so I slurped on 7up and danced till the bouncers told us it was time to go home.

Well it would get pretty crowded in this place, sometimes everyone was shoulder to shoulder standing around a long oblong bar or up on the second floor overlooking the dance floor. It mattered not where any of us were- if we started to hear “Maggie Mae” we all had a silent pack that that was dancing music and we headed for the dance floor. If we were in line for a drink or for the ladies room- all bets were off and we danced to that song.

So there I was tonight- Rod belting out “Maggie Mae’ and my 57 year old body was picturing the dance floor, the stuffiness of the place ( seemed like most everyone smoked in there) and it got really kinda warm with all the bodies. And well I really gave it all I had,,,

Looking back…  it was fun- one of those moments in past that somehow brought me to now.  We had fun together, clean, pure, fun, no drugs, no inappropriate behavior- just fun. We were not in a hurry to grow up, we liked life, no guns, no  hassles, relationships stayed platonic, we worked and  we enjoyed the year we spent going to and from the Scene East.

Ahh it was nice to drift back… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy