Today was awesome ! It really was! I had the day off from work ( that is not why it was awesome – so don’t be going there on me ) but it was awesome because we had the boys for the day- yep- we got to their house at about 7:25 this morning , Amanda and Jeff both had to work… and I think Amanda and her mom got back home around 3:30 maybe. We initially were going to load them in Amanda and Jeff’s van and come out here- but that was when we thought Jeff would be trying to sleep after working midnight shift. But Jeff worked day shift today- so we stayed at their house.

100_6604Brandon was full of smiles and games,Mark had told Brandon this morning he was going to take a nap- so Brandon went into his room and came out with his blanket , he decided to cover up grandpa at first, and somehow that turned into the two of them covering up and asking if I could see them. Brandon would say “hide” and laugh as he pulled the blanket up.

Here they are on the couch- I gotta tell you it was fun to watch the 2 of them ! They would be on the100_6608 couch covered for a minute or two and than

one of them would pull down the blanket and laugh.

Preston was down for his morning nap, and this really kept Brandon entertained for a long time.

It is so funny how a blanket , how simple time spent with a child is really all they need.



They played sitting up and laying down. It was just so neat.

And when the blanket time stopped, than it was time for his tools. He reminds us a lot of his dad- tinkering here and there, fixing things, and holding tools just right.

Grandpa asked Brandon if he could fix his foot.

So out came the pliers and the concentration was at a max as he repaired grandpas foot. 100_6600

Preston, well he is the most smiling baby I think I have run across in a very long time.

He loves to be around people, and loves to bounce up and down, he loves watching his brother, and smiles at everyone !. It is always cool to see how children change in each week of their first year of life.                





He has started with sticking his tongue out, like he is trying to make the “rasberries” sounds. It was hard not to capture him with his tongue out in every picture.


Here he is in that facial pose I am referring to.

Oh  what fun today was.

And finally I gotta say that Jeff and Amanda are so lucky to  have their dog. He is a very strong dog, and extremely gentle with the kids.

But he also has the instinct to protect- so it is a great combination. He is a gentle giant – so my final shot—it is of the great protector… Yes I feel blessed every day I wake up and can exist, can live.  100_6635But days like today- when they happen- they are the meaning of life… they make everything better,they just affirm the fact wealth is not measured by dollars in the bank- no wealth is measured by the  love in your heart, the amount of smiles in your day, and the hugs in your life. I thank God for all I have… all we have.  Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy