Today was kind of neat for me, it was strange, it was surreal. At the gym today, I was at my locker, church clothes to be transformed into a tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants, I could not help but notice this woman, a very much older woman in the locker room. She was pretty spry acting for a woman in maybe her early 80s.(Thanks google images for this spry older woman !)  And she was very regimented. She a purple bag, a tall thin bag, zipped up tight, but one she handled with gentleness, with respect.

She had flip flops for her work out , and she had changed into a pair of spandex shorts and a tee shirt. When I had gotten into the locker room she had been changed, but than she had this gear with her. At first it looked like a karate belt- black- but it was probably 5 times longer, and padded knee pads. Her skin she had outgrown, it was as if she had borrowed skin from an old larger friend. The spandex would have been snug on most- but hung off her like her skin. She had a brown braid that went mid back, it appeared like it had been braided for days. She ended up coming close to my locker as she started to maneuver this belt, so it was hard to not notice her. Well she had this belt and she started flinging it around her waist, around and around, each time around she did a quick tugging of it, and than she so carefully tied the ends in a knot, twisted the knot part behind her back so it was perfectly centered. She had the knee pads on snug and walked out , flip flops smacking and carefully. passionately carrying the tall thin bag.

I recognized her mannerisms, but I could not place from where…

I went into the gym, she was right in front of me, but as I headed for the weights and machines, she proceeded straight, into a darkened room- it is a big room where classes are taught, zoomba is done, … this large gymnasium type room with a glass wall, darkened…

She went in and closed the door, lights left off… but she was in front of the area I was jogging in place at, so I worked out doing various things as she in the dark transformed —-she went to the front of the room and opened this bag….and she started whirling around a color guard flag, around with such precision, such grace, such form. And it hit me, when Jeff was in marching band , I had gone on a couple of performances with the band as their nurse. This woman was doing the same preparation as the color guard did when they got ready to practice. She moved the flag with such skill, and she than  later switched to a sword type object. Again with the same accuracy. All in a darkened room, away from the people, but within her she had a talent she must have learned years and years ago, and even though life had taken what was probably a much more toned body and turned elasticity in her skin to less tightening, this woman’s spirit was still 15 yrs old.

It was a shame she felt she needed the solitude of a darkened gymnasium to do what she obviously loved. And after the weights, I went to the cario- and made it a point to be able to glance that way every once in a while…. after I was through I left feeling blessed. Because I got to enjoy tid bits of her amazing talent.. as her silhouette was very visible from the floor. She was not facing the main floor of the gym, she was in her own space, her own world, doing what she obviously loved. What an awesome show she put on. And I truly believe it was a gift today…. a blessing… an angel to show we never are too old to do what we like. Believe in yourself, do what brings you joy… and to that woman… thanks for the incredible floor show…..I believe in your mind you were back maybe 65 years in your life, I think you felt the crowds around you as you work in synch with the other members of your team. You deserved a medal in my mind.

Love to all, don’t let life pass you by…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy