IN a blink of an eye, in a moment, a regular day can turn tragic, a heart can stop beating, a fall can occur, an injury too severe to take care of without professional help can happen.

Many of us probably have not had the experience of being in an ambulance or of having a loved one in an ambulance. It is such a scary thing , and at the same time I am really glad there are people willing to share their lives, their time, their love and be on an ambulance crew.

These folks are amazing, they go where ever the need is, they know not what to expect, they have to know what to do in a multitude of situations and they have to be good in crisis. They have to be able to contort their bodies in all sorts of positions and they have to be able to react without doubt, with confidence. They have to be able to stay calm, even when their insides are not.

I have had the misfortune of having to ride in 2 ambulances, Mark was in one too. It is frightening, you are there, uncertain of the outcome, only knowing you are in the need of these people who are working on you as the ambulance is zooming down the highway. If you are strapped to a back board, the turns can be painful.

And for the people on the outside, the family and friends who are trying to follow the ambulance, their hearts are beating rapidly, they are having the wants to stay with the ambulance, but still need to watch traffic, and stay at a reasonable speed.  For the moments that follow, thoughts start swirling, thoughts of  “I hope they do not die” or “What will we do about the kids” or “ How can I not work” , the thoughts go in many ways, pain sometimes does not hit at first- nerves take away the pain for a bit, feelings of faintness can come over everyone involved in the tragedy. Knees knock in anxiety, hands shake, hyperventilation can happen, worry… and than a surrendering of independence.

I saw an ambulance speeding down the highway this morning, thinking that someone’s Saturday just toppled into a whirlwind. And other someone’s Saturdays were interrupted so they could rush and help a stranger in distress.

Thanks to all who serve on an ambulance, and prayers to all who have needed one. Love to all, MRs Justa alias Cindy