What a wonderful evening at the Slater house. We watched the boys while Jeff and Amanda had a date night. Oh what a great evening it was. Amanda had made a batch of spaghetti that was yummy, and Brandon gobbled it up like he could not get enough.

The boys were full of smiles and laughter and really no problems at all.

We got to do play time, dinner time, bath time and bed time and I just needed to finish an oh so crazy week this way.

When it got to feeding time, Mark fed him quite a bit of the bottle, than I took over…

I ended up with a helper at the last ounce. Brandon wanted to sit on my lap,and my lap was in use, so we compromised.100_6533_edited

He was pretty darn proud of himself helping to hold the bottle, he was very careful and knew he needed to be with me. It was neat to watch his smile as he watched his baby brother finish his bottle.

Than was time to burp his brother, and again he was excited to help grandma out.








Preston seemed to be loving the attention.

We were 100_6540 blessed  with a crackling fire in the fireplace, and Brandon made sure we knew it was HOT every time he looked at it, he reminded us.

Yes a lovely night, the kids nestled into their beds and off to sleep they went.

I am glad today was Friday, the week was filled with difficult issues, but we made it through.

I hope you had something special to end your week too. I am going to do a few chores and head to bed at a decent hour, Ready to tackle the morning, for whatever it may bring. Sleep tight, good night and my love goes out to all. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy