100_6498_edited   Part 2 of Halloween and precious grandchildren was this afternoon.



and what a neat time it was.

The boys were very good in their lion and dragon outfits


and it was funny to hear Brandon try to say Trick or Treat.

He did do pretty well.


I was thrilled they were able to come out for a little bit, Amanda’s 100_6508_editedMom is hosting a Halloween Party and it sounds like it is a family gathering that everyone attends, so to fit coming out here and to make it to the party at her moms , I know it was kind of pushing things.

We had some chili with and without beans made up for dinner and if they wanted some ; we had plenty. As it turned out Brandon was not too interested in eating, and  Jeff, Amanda, Mark and I did get to have some chili tonight.

Today was exhausting and I am not sure why. We got up this morning, did the breakfast time together, I went to church, I went to the gym, ( Mark had a minor procedure on his upper arm and he took a few days off from the gym- ) I do not blame him, he had an infection in his arm and the surgeon did a drainage on Friday- with an open area and infection- not a good idea to go into a gym or whirlpool. But he did come with me this morning and he read and napped in the car while I went in a  enjoyed church and the gym. We than came home, I did my normal housework stuff.. As yesterday was really busy too, and the kids and grand kids came over for about an hour, and now I am feeling like it was definitely a FULL weekend. ( Gotta go to work to rest!)

Hope you had some trick or treaters… so far our one and only one is in this photo holding his bag !. Halloween, such a fun day for kids really, and for those candy hungry kids- well it is not profitable to haul butt out to the country where each home is at least an acre apart. Maybe we will get some trick or treaters… but I am not thinking too many—if any. Be safe, stay warm… ( it has teased us when it  snowed, hailed, rained and also has been sunny here today… ) Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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