Today was an off to Rochester day to do a long overdue visit to Adrianne, Josh and Mackenzie. It is so hard to not see Mackenzie more, but I guess when grandparents live in other states it is probably even more difficult in those situations .


She is 15 months now, maybe 15 pounds, she is fast, she is ultra interested in everything at once, she is curious, and her toddle is cute as she tried to walk quicker than her balance wants to allow. She loves the outdoors and swinging. She loves to walk fast, and on a hill she found gravity and her legs were not keeping up with one another.

She has a smile that will brighten up a room and she does also have a squeal when there is something she wants at any given moment.

Her parents are madly in love with her and she is a very special little girl. We had a nice visit, and we just loved the time we spent with her and Adrianne and Josh.

We spent time with her inside, outside – watching her explore, watching her various expressions, watching her checking everything out….


and even got to see her in her Halloween costume. It was funny because when Adrianne showed us the  costume we were joking that it would probably not fit her this year and she might be able to use it next year too. But amazingly her petite 9 mos old size body filled the costume really well.

It was a nice day, cool, sunny and Mackenzie filled the room with warmth.

I find it amazing every time we see her that this child was 2+ pounds only 15 months ago.

Tomorrow we get to see Brandon and Preston and their costumes- what a fun weekend.

Do you remember back when Halloween was a special time to you, when you could pretend to be something you are not, when strangers were able to give you candies, and fire halls did not have to have big signs in front advertising they will check your candy to make sure no one put anything in it, when people could give out caramel popcorn balls, or home made goodies, when moms and dads felt ok with us going out, and everyone waited excitedly for kids to knock at the door, and kids knocked at the doors.

Let’s bring back the innocence of Halloween, the bobbing for apples and warm cider, and those yummy popcorn balls, let’s bring back the please and thank yous when someone gave you something, and the trust that is was a night for fun and not worry.

Happy Halloween tomorrow everyone, enjoy !. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy