100_6424To do things that we have loved doing in our past…. .  That is what I thought about as I stared at this tree. Did you ever climb a tree? I mean climb a TREE- a big tree. When I was much younger- we had trees in our yard , oh they were much shorter than this tree in reality, but when you are short- a much shorter tree then this seems HUGE.

I recall many a summer afternoon, climbing up in the tree. It was neat, because just like this tree, the tree I liked to climb had a branch that became my recliner of sorts, like a chaise lounge chair. I would climb up there, mostly with nothing in hand, and just sit. I would listen to the leaves as they seemed to almost whisper comfort to me, and feeling the freedom of being up in the air, sometimes hiding from the world. No one thought to look up for me, so the tree was my place of peace.

This tree looks like in it’s younger days, it would have been a tree such as the one I loved to be held by.


Another thing I have loved to do, and always long to do it again, is to chill by the ocean or a really big lake. The feeling of wonder, the feeling of force, the breeze and the waves as they seem to speak firm yet comforting to me. The water will lightly slap against the shore around me, or it will pound the shore, it always makes me come to reality about how amazing the world is and how I am just a speckle in the whole scheme of things.

I find the ebb and flow of the tides to be almost unbelievable. Have you ever sat on a rock such as this during low tide, and decided to sit there for a long time. Well as high tide comes in- the rock becomes an underwater island, and you will become a float. It is fascinating how these massive bodies of water raise and lower. I love the ocean, and the ocean at night with a full moon- oh it brings back many memories of my youth , growing up on the Connecticut shore. I truly believe being born in New England- I long for New England life. And even though we do not ever go enough times, I love going to New England, it feels like home .


How about mountains and meditating, sitting and just being still on a mountain. Another place in my memory of many times I have done just that. Talk about feeling like a speck, whoa, on a mountain the world below is like specks of pepper. And yet being on top of a mountain, it feels surreal. It is powerful in many ways. The winds can be strong, the breeze is cool, the sky feels like it can be touched, and I feel happy , relaxed and thankful for the blessing of the experience.

It can feel like you are alone in the world, and that no one can see you, no one knows where you are. It is you and God. I think that is the one common thing about each of these experiences. It is a place to meditate, a place to cleanse the mind and soul, a place that does not go away as soon as you leave. Just talking about it, I feel the feeling of recharging my being.

If you have never had a moment like this, try to..it costs nothing- the fuel to get to where you are going and the willingness to put the rest of the world behind you for a moment or two. Maybe that is why I love New England- you can live in one of the quaint towns or villages, and be a few hrs from the ocean, from mountains, from peace. Life is more laid back in New England…Away from the big cities there, back in the less populated areas…. yes that is the way to live.

Peace and Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy