The end of a weekend that went faster than the last. I really hope this is not a hint of weekends to come. Phew! Friday night we had Courtney, we went to the gym and went over to Jeff and Amandas for a couple of hours so they could go to the gym themselves.

Saturday- gee I do not remember where all the hours went. We did our traditional breakfast with Shawn and Pat, Courtney shared the time too. Than we dropped Court off and went to the gym. We had various places to shop at- one thing here and there. We got a clock from target- a cheapy one— and ( I returned it today .. IT WOULDN’T KEEP TIME !!) and I had a couple of gift cards and wanted a bakers rack – well we got a shelf unit that was about half the size I was initially looking for- and darn if it is not exactly what I needed. So When we got home Mark grabbed an hour snooze and I took on the installing of the shelf. Well- after a few oops and a few- how stupid am I moments- I did get it together. ( it was made in China… so I am not sure if it was me or a language barrier but it did result in some self head slapping as I undid things in disbelief… )

We went out and got a few groceries. AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a new heated mattress pad— yeah baby- I am really liking it- the one we had was a few years old and my side did not warm all the way down— now- well let’s just say – I am well done before the sun rises. I got the laundry all done, sheets and towels changed, dinner made and we sat down about 10:00 and watched the DVR of Castle from last week. 100_6369

100_6377 Today was get up and off to breakfast- than we went our separate ways- me- I went to get Courtney to go to the March of Dimes Walk- and Mark headed home.He could not do the 3 mile walk- not with his messed up leg… I was worried a little about the walk – this one place we go for breakfast, we really like this place BUT- I think the coffee has a laxative in it- there is a rather unique waddle we do trying to make it to a bathroom about an hour after we leave.  We were there today and as the waitress was approaching, I jokingly mumbled to Mark- “ would you like a warm up on your laxative?”

Fortunately for me, I did not get the “shuffle” as I so poetically call the urgent rush post breakfast— I was laughing about having the “shuffle” during the walk, and turning into the first walker to return – like jet propelled… but alas- I was able to stay with the group and not do the mad dash… ( Couldn’t you see that- all of the sudden me doing a Road Runner sprint  past everyone- leaving them in my dust… HAAHA) – ( thanks Google images) So after the walk, I dropped Miss Courtney off, came home, and did my house stuff, made supper— and played with some more 33 RPMs and burning them to CDs.

Now the days is turned to night- I am about to nestle down with Mark on the recliner couch and watch the DVR shows from Thursday tonight.

I hope each of you had a great weekend, Love to all… Mrs justa.. alias Cindy