100_6104 When was the last time you were closed in one of these?

Look at how long the cord is stretched out !, that is so you can get a pen and paper out of your car- I bet.

I spent countless hours, long ago, closed in phone booths , calling someone I had an incredible crush on. I would babysit for weekends on end, than go to the local Super Duper and trade my dollar bills for coins, just so I could call this person… who really only ever liked me as a friend, I lived for those moments. He was my rock, he was my strength, in times when giving up sounded easier than trying to do my best in a not so perfect world. I do not think we ever kissed or held hands, but this guy.. he knew me better than I knew myself at times, we –in reality— were just very best friends.

I thought about how I longed for enough money to make the call, and how the operator would interrupt every once in awhile to tell me to put some more coins in or she was ending my call, I thought about how I earned those calls, those moments of connecting to someone who I longed to hear his voice.. he made me smile.

And now… well kids seem to expect to have cell phones, maybe some do.. but not all kids earn the privilege of a cell phone— no at times I feel like some of the kids, teens and young adults feel they are entitled to have them. It is an expectation to have their parents provide this communication device—as if it goes right along with expecting to have food on the table and underwear to wear.

Recently I was in a conversation with a teen and the comment was something along the lines of  she had not gotten her phone replaced in a few months. And bragging about how many text messages she does, and never once—not one second—was there any mention of how lucky she was to have the privilege of a cell phone, or what she had done to have that cell phone.

I sound like an old crotchety lady—and maybe I am- but we earned the things we had. If I wanted an outfit – I babysat. And not waiting until I was 15 or 16, no I babysat from 12 on. If I wanted a set of Jacks… I earned them- they may not have cost much money, but I appreciated the money they did cost.

And let me tell you, I LOVED MY JACKS!!! I was pretty darn good at them.

Chalk for playing hopscotch, an ice cream from the ice cream man, a new board game, or a Chinese jump rope. The list goes on and on, and with it the pride in knowing I was brought up in a home where things were not just handed to us on a silver platter.

When the sun came up, if school was not in session that day, than we were all outside, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, flying a kite, walking around the neighborhood, riding our bikes and daring to let go of the hand bars, jump rope, hopscotch, tag, kick ball, to earn money would would be out raking leaves, mowing yards, we were moving….

Now our kids, our teens, are techy… they do not get out like we used to , entertainment is on a computer , a smart type phone, a WII, toys that all need batteries, …..we are facing a times of incredible high percentage of obese children, teens and adults…. juvenile diabetes, my goodness—- let’s slow down a bit, let’s work to move our bodies and not just some button to click… and let’s as a country have our kids earn instead of just expect the privileges they would like to have…

Okay.. I am done… soon to sign of this a get moving some… Love to all… the old crotchety woman… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy