Time goes so quickly, it is like I am trapped in a cyclone.

Spinning quickly and I can not seem to find a darn thing to hang onto, that is how it feels.

Today was like this huge cyclone I found on google images, imagine being in the middle of this cyclone. I remember waking up this morning at 4:30, tossed and turned till 5:45 and than got up, grabbed a shower and without realizing it- I stepped into the cyclone.

Meetings- ( ugg I totally hate meetings that needed to be 15 minutes and end up being 45 minutes) I get spinning around ideas in my head, thinking about what I could be doing, and instead feeling like I am just getting sucked deeper into the vortex. ) I read once that the way to have a meeting is to not have any chairs, everyone has to stand, and no electronic devices allowed in the room. You start with an agenda that everyone received prior to the meeting, stay on course, no bloviating ( I just love that word) and people actually are anxious to leave !.

In general I think the older we get the faster the days fly by, another wise person said once- “ The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”- well if that is true- I am in deep trouble, because being in this cyclone of life- I see the good intentions fly past my face, a couple of times a fragment might brush against me, but I can not get them all done.

Tonight is a chill night- Mark and I seem to run out of time and so we tape on the DVR shows we meant to watch on Monday or Tuesday—and than Weds we watch what we missed. It is  cool- because than we can fast forward past commercials. Now look at that- dang it- fast forward past commercials— the cyclone is even coming into the watching of taped shows… Speed it up, we can watch 2 shows in the time of one if we were watching it live, watch for a flying good intention so it does not hit you smack dab in the face…. and than cyclone to the shower, to the car to get to work and to the gym. Yes life is whipping by in northern NY for me… how about for you? Can you relate to this… if not—wait till you are a little older and hang on! My thought is- in the scurry, in the whirlwind- never forget to say a prayer of thanks for the day, and never forget to let others know you care about them

Love to all, I am zipping off to the washer, putting clothes quickly in the drier and scooting to the living room to relax.. HA .. yeah right!. Thanks for stopping by !!!!! ………….Mrs justa alias CIndy