100_6291 What a day.. the sun rose and….I am another year older. I always find that kinda weird… ya go to bed one age and the next morning you wake up a year older. I do not feel any older, yet I will never be the age I was last night when I posted again.

How totally weird too, I work in a department of 32 people and a company or about 450 employees. In the department I work in 3 of us were older today than we were yesterday. And in the company, another 2 people were older today. Plus, i guess I should feel honored??? one of the gals at work proudly announced her dogs birthday is today too.

So today… we got our cars back from their respective dealers, some warranty work was done on mine and 4 new – kick ass- chomp the snow up- snow tires were purchased and Marks needed and EGR valve replaced. He got a loaner yesterday from the dealer, a 2003 Neon with 126,000 miles, peppy little car, but when you are going 65 you definitely appreciate the speed you are flying down the highway.

We had a very delicious dinner at Jeff and Amanda’s house, a very good friend of the family ( Gary) was the chef. He made Chicken Divan and it was divine. It is always great to see the kids, grandkids, and Gary is fun to be around too. It was a nice , very nice evening. I received some nice cards, a really neat radio/alarm clock and will play the MP3 player and  Ninja food machine, and a gift card to Target. Fun fun fun… . I’ve got instructions to read, familiarizing myself with all the features… and than I am off to bed.

So now we are home, the Yankees game in the background, I am feeling like it was a really full day, and I feel much less than my age is telling me I am.

Age is just a number for a sheet of paper, for a calculation , but age is really two different things- it is literally how many days one has been alive on this earth… but my way of thinking is “you are as old as you feel.. as you act” I do not feel my age, I do not act like I thought a person acts when they get to this age… so my calculations- I am stuck in 25.

What keeps us feeling young? What makes some folks age quickly. I look at stars and some are 10 yrs younger than me- but they look to me older. I wonder if all of us feel that way, that we do not really see reality- we see what we want to see. Just like this precious aged woman from google images— what does she see when she looks in the mirror….. wisdom, life’s experiences,, contentment?

I often have thought about obesity- cuz I have lived it for ohhh most of my 25 yrs of life ( LOL) – when I look in the mirror- I only need a peep hole spot to look at, cuz I will just look at my eyes. Do not travel around the rest of me, that way I look how I want to look instead of how I really look. So in reality I probably appear to be 10  ro 20 yrs older than I am… but in my mind—my warped mind— this chick is 25… and I am stuck in 25… It is a lovely place to be, in the fantasy mind that I have.


May you have a youthful evening, and a special morning.

Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa