100_4399 Oh my goodness… am I having a blast right now- going a little nuts.. but as my mom used to say about me, it is a short path ! LOL . No , really we have had one of those nostalgic Crosley turn table, CD burners, cassette tape player recorders and I am making a variety CD- so one song off of each album, a CD holds 80 minutes of recording… and I have oh about 500 albums. So I am going back and forth as each song finishes. Right now Alice Cooper is belting out “Only Woman Bleed” and I have just done a couple of John Cougar Melancamp—( good biking songs) My plan is creating CDs that will download on the computer and that to the MP3 player.

I have 4 made so far, so that means 400 minutes  of my crazy selections. Ahh Richard Harris is now filling the air with MacArthur’s park.. That sucker is 7 minutes long – Jeff is probably really glad he still does not live here !!

100_4405 Yes this is fun. We all grow up and what ever music helped to comfort us through our many years of life- well that is when we believe music was music.. People older than me- they believe the 50s had music…me I am a late 60s and 70s gal. I like some music now, but can not really relate to the rap or rock of the 80s and beyond. This barn was probably in pretty good condition when my music of my life was freshly recorded on vinyl 33 rpm records !!

Isn’t it funny how music can take you back to a time you had forgotten, or forgot how that time felt. It can bring back memories, sometimes make you smile or cry at the time remembered, or just the words being sung.

I love music. My mom instilled music in my existence, and it flows through my veins. I always have a song in my heart, melodies stuck in my mind, and a lifetime of events that were not created by a song, but a song is it’s plaque with it’s memory engraved within the notes and words.

Such as a song that just played- Elton John, “Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters” … wow.. I listened to that song over and over again the day I found out that Best Photo was closing it’s Liverpool Photo Lab. I had worked there for 7 years, I totally loved the job, and somehow the job became who I was. So to lose that job, it was not just losing a job, but it was taking away whom I had become. So I felt lost, I felt more than empty, I cried for days. I think it hurt more than losing a parent- for I lost my identity. I had worked there since I was 18, and I learned to do everything there, and I took pride in doing everything efficiently, proficiently and with a smile on my face.

It was because of that job, that I try to not have a job become who I am again.

My profession is a nurse, but I am me, I feel I live my life with compassion and sincerity, and in my personal life I  am  a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a friend, an aunt, a neighbor, a Christian. But I still in all these descriptions- I am me.

Ahhh, the hour is late, and I have not made a dent in this huge project of capturing the music of the 60s and 70s onto the CDs. But more days to follow…. Have a great Monday.. I am off…. “Stairway To Heaven “ just finished… I am going to take the steps to bed instead of Heaven . LOVE TO ALL… mrs justa…alias Cindy