Leave it to BeaverWow, the perfect mom, the mom who knew all the answers, who never got her panties in a knot ( so to speak), who did everything in a dress with dark appearing red lipstick on, who had a husband that cherished her, who never cussed, never yelled…well she died today.

Yep… Mrs “Leave It TO Beaver” died at the wise old age of 94. I can remember watching that show as I was growing up and she was the type of mom I thought everyone should have, yet none of the people I knew did. It seemed like sometimes my mom and the moms of my few friends were nothing like June Clever !.  Heck my mom would get overwhelmed with all our antics and say “damn it” ..whew when we heard those 2 words we clicked our heels and scooted around trying to help her in the house.  I do not think Mrs Clever ever said “Damn!”

And everything was always in it’s place. And I believe the sleeping arrangements for Mr and Mrs Clever were twin beds. A time I longed to have a Family like the Clevers, or like the “Father Knows Best “ Family… and later the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.

I wonder in real life if “Mrs Clever” ( Barbara Billngsley ) was as perfect?



Today was an awesome day. We did start out at a local restaurant for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast out. But we did not go to Ford, we felt our time was too short to fit that in, so Monday will be the dealer. We went to the gym and I busted ever loving butt, and than we went to be grandparents for the day. I enjoyed every precious moment of the time we had. In the 6:30 hr tonight  poor Preston was pooped- pooped enough that as I was holding him so he could watch the colors on the TV I noticed all of the sudden his body kinda went limp, he fell fast a sleep. So I held him on my shoulder as he napped for 10 minutes.

Brandon was wonderful, and the 2 boys what a rewarding time it was.

I am going to share a few photos of today… and than I am off to grab the laundry and put it in the dryer.

Love to all, Cindy, Alias Mrs Justa.