“ Nothing is as stressful as trying to be a different person from whom you really are. “ This is from a book “ Lessons at the Halfway point” by Michael Levine. I am reminded of this saying today . I was taken out to lunch with Sue,  a friend I have had for 47 years. She met me at work and we went to a neat place in Eastwood called “Steak and Sundae”.

As we were going there Sue was talking about her, about her faults, about reality, about her weaknesses, her weight issues, her feelings of frustration. She says it like it is, and things others of us might never talk about, thinking if we do not talk of the things than no one will notice, not her… she lays everything out.

She was talking about how her husband tells her not to go into depth, she does not need to tell their adult kids everything. She does not understand why he has such an issue with her talking about her inadequacies, or about her kids inadequacies. She is not someone who pretends to be anything other than herself.

Than she was talking about her one daughter who is a single mom. She lives at home with my friend, and this young woman yet still acting like a“child” has a major attitude at home. Ever since I have known her daughter- who is now 18- she has displayed the she really  does not stop to care about how she comes across.

Yet at work- they LOVE  her. They say she is so nice, they can not stop praising her. I only hope one day that the person she is at work becomes the way she is all the time. 

Have you ever known of a couple who got married and than one of the spouses shows their true colors. They are all goo-goo eyed with each other, they believe this is the one, and poof…they are divorcing- unable to meet half way on anything.

Or had a friend or relative who seemed to be so nice till you decided to help them out, maybe open your home to them, to get an apartment together, or go on a trip. And all of the sudden your “friend” becomes a total itch-bay.( pig latin)

I can remember 3 times at work when we had an employee come in from a temp agency, and for 3 months or so they were wonderful.. a God sent, they made me wonder why they are temps. With their incredible personalities, talent, and the will to do anything we hired them when there were openings. And within a couple weeks—the sheep’s skin comes off and they turn into wolves ( photo from google images… ) — I mean it- it was as if their heads were going to start spinning around. Their pretending for all that time must have been horribly hard…

I am always puzzled how they pulled off pretending to be nice.

We need to all be real.

We need to talk about things without thinking we have to pretend to be something we are not. I am being real now as I say good night- thanks for stopping for a moment and coming over to my little blog spot in the world, and be safe. Love to all mrs Justa, alias Cindy