Whoa, what a busy last couple of days. Friday I took off of work and in the morning Mark and I went to Larkins for breakfast, than to Verizon for either a new battery for my phone or a new phone. UGGG, it is always so dang expensive to get new phones. We went to a place where the guy advertises all the time that he has “free free free” stuff.. phones, great plans and such. So we basically tell the gal behind the counter that we just use the phone to call… no text messages, no going on line, just calls. We asked for a simpler plan- our is the lowest plan they have… so we ended up getting 2 new flip phones… ( No folks.. no I phone or Droids…just a flip phone) I personally have enough trouble doing all the stuff on a basic phone… so going on the internet with the phone.. Not so much. Mark was funny, he asked her where all the “free free free” phones were, and she pointed to the phones we had turned down, and said –“Thise were the free ones.”

In  our transactions and conversations Mark had mentioned that just for the heck of it, he wanted to find out about using the phone as a GPS. Well Golly gee- they happen to have am option…. 24 hrs of GPS to try it for only 2.99 for the one day. If he liked it.. he could call the store back and they would be glad to load it on for him at a mere 9.99 per month.

We we had the GPS yesterday. “Michelle” was the voice and we had to drive from Cicero to North Syracuse- and than to home, than to a hotel for the night in East Syracuse. So it gave us a chance to see what it would do. It was impressive and than not so great too. We live on county route 8- Michelle kept calling it Lysander Minetto Road. Now we knew where we live, so we turned- but there are no signs with the name of the road that Michelle wanted us to turn on.

She got pissed at Mark when we were going to the hotel. HA that was funny. Mark is pulling into the drive for the hotel and Michelle… well she felt we should have turned in the driveway before, so first she let us know we missed our turn, and than rather firmly she told Mark to make a LEGAL U turn as soon as possible. We turned “Michelle “ off… she was having a moment.

It was a nicety- but we really know where we are going around here, so for the moment, we are not GPSing it. We both agreed this would have been the cats meow back before Mark got hurt. He would have benefited from that when he was driving a Big Truck across the East half of the US.

The hotel was wonderful, they had a pretty nice weight room, the bed was a king size and pretty comfortable, the bath towels were like blankets, the wedding we went to was done very nicely, and it was really not noisy there. Than this morning we got up early, met Shawn and Pat for breakfast, picked up Indi at the kennel, came home for a bit, went to the gym and I really worked hard ( Mark was doing his best too ) , we got our shopping done, laundry is done and I am ready to go to sleep. I know it is early, but I feel like today was 2 days in one!

I am glad to be home . I just love home. Our life is really pretty quiet, relaxed, and I think it is comfortable.

So as I go off for the night, I hope you are finding so happy times in your life. Love to all. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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