The biggest loser is starting it’s 7th or 8th season. And it is an inspiration to see how the contestants can change their whole outlook on life as they literally beat them themselves up, through the commands of the trainers- who are merciless- and the competition for the big prize if they have the greatest percentage of weight loss.

I was amazed at the size of the contestants who are able to put one foot in front of the other and lose over 100 pounds in a short period of time.

Mark has been my Biggest Loser- up close and personal..his weight loss has been phenomenal, as he had had the challenges of his disabilities and has really tried hard to accomplish his goal compensating for his issues- and he – at his highest weight was still 100+ pounds less than some of the contestants.

It proves over and over again, that losing weight is not impossible- even for a person 500 pounds! And the surgery- ugg, I know there are many who have gone through it, and some who will swear by it, but there is a contestant on the show who actually is a person who had the surgery years ago, and she has major challenges now trying to lose it naturally. The physician for the program was telling her, that the gastric bypass surgery actually results in people with less muscle percentage, and this person has the highest percentage of body fat, because of the effects of muscle decreasing after the bariatric surgery.

As I was busting my butt at the gym today, I was thinking about the show, and about how all of us start out as babies, and our environment, our teachings from our parents, our choices and ignorance about nutrition, result in obesity. I don’t know about others, but there is a bar that I had in my mind— a bargaining chip- that kept rising. Like- I will start to diet when I am such and such size, or whatever weight I chose was the limit. So that size or that weight happens, I adjust to what ever weight I was at, and than add another 5-10 pounds before I would start to change, and the bar goes a little higher.

I bet each of these contestants understand the bar theory I am referring to. I bet not one of them ever wanted to get to 300, 350, 400, 420 pounds. It happens gradually… and it hurts…do not ever think that any one of those people have not have more days of feeling inadequate, ashamed, aware of their size, or weak in the will power area. Trapped in their own bodies. Food becomes a comfort, food becomes an addiction, food becomes life…. Look at this photo- man to some this might look yummy- to me it makes me want to throw up !! This is off of google images- food challenges…

Well this past 7 months have been very rewarding and tough, as I watch inches and pounds SLOWLY decrease- but ya know what— I threw out that imaginary bar- now there is only a direction to watch the numbers lower. And it is a LIFETIME change. There is no room for weakness, for it is a hell of a lot easier to stack on pounds than to tell them to take a hike.

I hope you have a healthy day, I hope you find will power or inspiration if you do have pounds to shed… and if I can do it….so can you.. Love to all Mrs Justa  alias Cindy