Today in church the pastor did a sermon on SALT. Sharing an act of love today. He ended the sermon with passing out an envelope to each person in the church that was 18 or old. In each envelope was a package of salt and money. Yes … money.

And the instructions were that the envelope was to be used somehow , in an act of kindness, and act of love.

Well I left the church feeling pressure, turmoil, and in a way uncertainty over how I can utilize this money, what ever the amount, in the way it was intended. It was as if I was making a scenario happen so I could get this responsibility in the past, instead of in the future.

All of the sudden, it was like a wave of calmness came over me, like a gentle arm came on my shoulder, and the pressure left, and I was assured… that when the time is right, I will know the time is right, and than I will give the money in the way in which this money in this envelope was intended.

I do find it amazing that each of us has this responsibility- this act of love  that is waiting for us. I wonder what mine will be?

A few years back there was a similar thing that happened. All the women in the church were given a bracelet, and the bracelets were made by women at a retreat, who made them to give to someone as an act of love. Now the thought was, you could keep the bracelet until someone commented how nice it was, than you were to take it off and give it to them, explaining the same process. Explaining that these were made to be shared, to be given, to pass on the love that originally created them. Heck, I think I had mine for 1 day !.I wonder where it is now?

Small acts of kindness, if we each did one a day, what a beautiful world this would be.

Good night, and God Bless … Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy

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