“Live a good honorable life the first time, that way when you are older and look back over your life, you will enjoy it a second time. “

This was a quote from a web site of wise quotes- it gave no author for it. But as I think about this statement, I wish someone had said that to me every night when I was young… very young.

100_0833_edited My goodness, there are dark moments in my past, that maybe never would have been. I do not have a history of anything terrible, there is  nothing illegal, but times I regret.

If every night, as a child, when I was being tucked in, if I could have been able to even understand this quote… what would I have done different? What person would I have taken more time with? What extra would I have done to help my mom out? What more would I have given to my studies? What difference would I have made in my teenage years?

How about as a young adult… would there have been different roads I would have walked on?

That is a tough question for me, because I truly believe the paths we take lead us to where we are meant to be. On those paths however, the attitude we have as we proceed here and there- we do have control of that. And it is that exact attitude, that maybe at times in my past , I wish it was better.

Going forward and also for the past 20+ years or so, I have tried to live an honorable life, so maybe the older I get , the further the darker times will fade—if there is anyone out there that I had ever not treated as well as I should have, please accept my apology… My love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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