Can ya tell they are brothers? Oh my goodness, they have such similarities, yet a very small difference in their features. It was interesting last Sunday. We had finished dinner and Brandon had been wandering around a bit, “Uncle” Gary had taken Preston and was holding him in the crook of his arm, rocking in one of the recliners. Brandon all of the sudden started to generally look like he was searching for something in particular. He walked down the hall and back to the living room, mumbling something but I was not sure what he was so concerned over, than Amanda realized he was looking for Preston.

100_6202_edited It was really surprising to me to see him so concerned about his baby brother, he could not find him and was truly looking for him. As soon as he found out Preston was with Uncle Gary- than life was okay.

Preston is at an age where when you can get a moment of cuddling ( like in this photo) you have to take the time to enjoy it. The cuddling times become less frequent quickly.

Oh sure there are the times when the child is not feeling well and just wants to cuddle and have their back tickled, or maybe a “boo-boo” that needs comforting from mom or dad. But the older they get, the more they like living independent of others holding onto them

Everything changes, everything goes so quickly, and I really hate the distance between Adrianne, Josh and Mackenzie and us. I know it is just an hour and a half away, but it seems like it is 1000 miles away at times. We can not believe how much Mackenzie changes between visits. We have been talking about heading out that way again soon. Life just has a tendency to go…and go.. and go.. And before you know it a year has passed by. It is not because we were lazy, more because we were really busy trying to fill in days with stuff. Weekends fly by. We all seem to be busy with life.

We were talking about that the other day at work, trying to figure out how long ago certain things were, and it is hard to put exact years on events. The older we get, the shorter the years seem. I can remember being a munchkin and the summer went on forever… And now I am thinking- whoa- where did 2/3rds of the summer go? So as the years fly by, we all age, and the grandkids will be heading to kindergarten before we know it, than their school plays, or sports activities, or maybe music performances.. ya just never know.

So as I go to sign off tonight, I hope you do not let life get away from you.. like it seems to be getting away from me. And I send out my love to my family, to our kids and their families, to our grandchildren, to the folks who take a piece of their fast pace life to stop by, …………………and to those who are troubled in the world and needing direction- I send them hope- for life goes too fast to not know where you are going or where you have been. Love mrs justa.. alias. Cindy