How many times in life have you encountered a mountain that you have to climb? Well you do not have to, but if you do not climb over it- you have few options- try to walk through it or walk around it- if you want to change the way things are.

Preload 15 Now I do not know about you, but walking through a mountain … not so much. That would be a task that I could not perceive, kinda reminds me of the movie Shaw Shank Redemption- ( where Timothy Hutton picked the wall apart one crumble at a time for years so he could escape…) .

Walking around it… hmmm.. I think not also- how many mountains have you run across that are by themselves. So I guess the only  thing to decide it, are you going to try to conquer it?? Or are you going to just walk away? Or are you going to stay right where you are? I think you have to believe, you have to have faith in the unknown, not be afraid to pray, trust in God, never lose focus.

At work we are facing mountains to climb frequently, and right now there are maybe 3 “Pikes Peaks”. A part of me , I have to admit , would love to put a huge tapestry in front of them and pretend they are not there. But a major part of me knows we need to get our climbing gear on and go one step at a time.

Life is like that too. Golly gee, weight loss is definitely like that. It is really easy to say Mount Obesity is just an illusion, but Mark and I have been climbing that proverbial mountain with a passion and  commitment. His climbing gear must have come from Gander Mountain- I shopped at Rescue Mission, so mine is not as comfortable and the boots are a little worn as I fight the incline, but I can see him in the distance.

Guys are like that- they lose weight thinking about it. Heck I bet as I have been struggling up some of the cliffs, he probably got a nap or 2 in, and enjoyed the scenery. But I am determined to meet him at the top, I had a few spells of backing off the gym this summer because of my eye surgery and than this week I have been sick.

I did go tonight- and beat up the Elliptical machine. I had ( now do not laugh all at once) my walkman CD player with me- I hung it from the holder for an MP3 player- but it would not let me adjust the volume. So I had to deal with mid loud. Guess my walkman CD player is like staying on the one side of the mountain and not moving anywhere… Tonight I really got whipping on the Elliptical though- yep ( at least for me) averaging 152 strides a minute. Heart rate staying in the 140-150 range. Yeah- I was listening to Mary Chapin Carpenters CD “Come On Come On” and I was trying to follow as quickly as possible.

I am going to start downloading some CDs to my computer… as tonight Mark got me an MP3 player like the one he got for his birthday. I have to admit- it is more sensible to have one— just a lot of work to get it going. That is my mountain tonight.  One step at a time.. Wish me luck,,, see you at the next ledge ( hopefully not a cliff LOL) . Love to all, Mrs justa.. alias Cindy