100_3440 TGIF almost. Yep this week has been a week I really am looking forward to putting in the history books. The Harvest Full Moon , man did you see it this morning as it was saying goodbye for the day- it was huge, like about 6 times it’s normal size. An in it’s memory , today followed suit of many full moon weeks- it was freaky, weird, strange.

First, I am driving down the main road we live off of, and I have to come to a total stop for a family gathering of 12 big wild turkeys, as they slowly strutted their stuff across the road. It was kinda like watching Michael Jackson slide steps as they bopped up down and sideways, like they were all listening to tunes or something.

That just became the beginning of weird things, everywhere, strangeness. Weird calls from people, weird questions, weird stories being told, people were acting kinda like they were just coming back from a very long trip and were a little beside themselves.

One of the men at work had called an office to let them know a particular request they had submitted yesterday evening  was reviewed and approved, and the person at the office told him she loved him. He hung the phone up and said– “Well that is the first time a doctors office ever told me they loved me!”

Heck me and about 11 other people were invited for the first of many monthly meetings, it was going to be ( I guess) a meeting with exciting news about things to come and a place where perhaps as peers we could share how certain things affect each of the areas we work in. We all got to the meeting, and lunch was there too… but the person whose meeting it was, had an emergency and never made it. So we spoke among ourselves, not really sure what we were supposed to get out of the meeting..but we all contributed things that go on in our respective areas and how the different IT programs affect us, either in a positive or negative way.

I looked out the window at work, we are on the second floor, and there was this lady at the traffic light, in the drivers seat of her car, with what looked like a full 7 course meal on her lap, and she is chowing down… now that is someone I want in back of me on the road!!

I left work tonight and totally could not see my car- an SUV was parked on the side of my car closest to me, and it totally made my car disappear. So for a moment, I am standing there thinking.. “Did Mark drive me in today? Where the heck did I park?” The SUV moved, and poof , it was like my car appeared out of no where.

Yes it has been a strange week, a week I will gladly tuck away, a week that has almost passed. I hope you all stay safe tomorrow… talk about weird-0 –it is going to 90 degrees tomorrow… gee—many folks have put their ACs away, we did not yet. This weekend we probably will . I think the 90 degrees tomorrow will be the last time we see that temp for another 6 or 7 months. So hat’s off to Friday, hope it starts to normalize, and please be observant, ya just never know what it coming . Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy