Have you ever taken off and maybe not looked in the mirror before you left? And maybe later wished you had? I have memories of others and myself doing just that.

There was one day at work, my boss had a person coming in for an interview. My boss was notoriously late, and often came to work with deep grooves in her rather round face, from her CPAP mask she used at night for sleep apnea.

Well I am convinced this particular morning she must have awakened, mask tight on her face, about 5 minutes before the interview. She flew into work, and flew down to the interview, to me, all I saw was a blur of movement to and fro. I only knew it was her, because of the cubicle she ran to and exited from.

So about 45 minutes later she came back on the floor, at a speed that was much slower, so we could actually see the person instead of the blur. She still had the strap indentations from the mask- which is why I assumed she woke up in a real hurry, and as she is standing in the aisle outside our cubicles we all snickered at the same time as we informed her that her skirt was not only inside out…. but the back was tucked inside her panty hose.

Oh my goodness… it was one of those times when ya wish you could turn the clock back, and you quickly rewind the time from when you last pulled up your panty hose to the immediate moment, to retrace your steps and wonder who the heck saw you. I still laugh over it.

I have been guilty of wearing a shirt inside out, and not knowing it until a few hrs later, and in retracing the places I have been make a mental note not to return for ..oh.. about 5 yrs or so. I remember Mark one time had his shorts on inside out… it was funny… pockets sticking out… it happens to many of us. Ya  gotta laugh, cuz when you figure it out you have usually already gone a zillion places . I was thinking about this as I was looking at photos from years gone by, from working at the hospital. We had a night shift nurse come into work- ( thru the parking garage, thru the tunnel, on the elevator, up 6 floors, around 2 corridors) in her slip! She forgot her skirt… So today’s  thought… check yourself over before leaving, for those in skirts… make sure the hem line is all the way around and not tucked in your underwear… and remember that you have a mirror…. use it 🙂 Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( embarrassed monkey from google images )