Today I think was here. This photo from Google images is me today… yep.. this was me…

I called in this morning and went back to bed, got up at 11, back to bed at 2 and up again at 6. Probably back to bed by 9. I think the sleep helped, weird … really weird dreams. But fortunately one can awake from a weird dream- unlike being born weird … can’t get away from that.

Yeah really very very weird. There was one dream where I was in a dressing room with  Mark, Shawn and Pat. We were on a cruise ship and it was a really small dressing room, we were trying on bathing suits.(???!!!) Pat came out in a bikini,I remember the top looking like a tube sock tied around her chest, and the bottoms were tied on the sides with strings…. It looked really nice on her…. And I remember the dressing room was tiny , but L shaped- so one person could squeeze in the L area while the other 3 were body smushing in the other section of the room. I remember in the dream the dressing room was really stuffy.I remember feeling almost like there was no oxygen when I tried to breathe in, and I was feeling strangled from the heat coming off the other bodies. The ship was in a hot humid area, and the ventilation sucked….

Mark and Shawn took their turns tucking back into the L area and trying on various speedos, and me I was looking for a one piece suit that covered all areas I cared not to share. We could not leave this locker of a fitting room until we were all set with suits to wear. I have no idea how we were getting different ones to try on, or why we just had not brought swim suits with us….

Tell me what that means???

I do think I feel better, a bit… my head is less congested, I am feeling a little feverish, but will venture back to the working world tomorrow. Let me tell ya !  I can not take another day of weird dreams

We are trying the DVR feature of our cable BIG TIME this season. We are taping some of the shows we like to watch- taping the season series. That way we will not miss any of them. Heck we pay 9.95 extra every month for the feature and very rarely used it. So we will see how it works. Weekends are sometimes a better time to watch things, week days can be tough to stay up till 11. The last time I tried this, I really screwed it up, we got all set. popcorn ready for the evening of shows… and nothing was there…

My thought for today is….”You have the power to make somebody’s day” ( Dan Zadra) – make it a good day for someone.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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