Dean and Jessie Jo Dillon are father and daughter song writers. They wrote the new song that George Strait has just cut, it is titled “The breath You Take” . All I can say is WOW. it was a WOW song to me, and I bet to many. If you go on Google and put in the song, there are avenues for you to listen to it on . I don’t know if this will work, but maybe it will.

There is a line or two in it that just keeps going through my memory, like it is branding into my mind….” Its not the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” That makes me fast rewind the memories of my life, and how true it is. 100_2382

What took your breath away at times in your life? And when those moments happened, who else’s life was affected by you sharing that moment? Who felt special because you were there? Who felt cared for because you were a part of the moment? What moments are within your memory, within your heart, that you are so thankful you were there for

Some moments can be times of joy, and some can be times of sorrow-but times that you were glad you were there to support the other person. A time that because of you, that person was able to take the next step, lean on you figuratively or emotionally… those are times in my life that I am glad I was a part of.

Have you ever had something really special to you, and to look around and see no one there you know? Or have you ever been in a situation where because of your job, or of life- you were not able to share that special moment?
Man those are things I regret- yet I can not replace the moment- it happened- I was not there.

My son was one of the 5th graders, who wrote an essay about what he felt about the Dare program. His essay was chosen, and I was working at the hospital, ya just can not get up and leave the patients. My mom went for me, but that was a moment I regretted I missed. And when he was in kindergarten- he was in a Halloween parade- I was in nursing school and just could not leave my class… my sister went for me… but it was a moment I regret being there for.

We were at all his marching band shows, and concerts, 100_3392I was able to take photos and share time before special times, the proms, the ball, his wedding, his little league games, his music lessons, there was a lot I tried to be there for,100_5103 and Mark would be there when he was not driving,  being at the hospital the day our grandchildren were born, we were able to be at the graduations, and celebrations. Yes— it is not the number of breaths you breath in and out- that just keeps you living… but it is those times that take your breath away… wow… Thanks George for singing it and thank Dean and Jessie Jo for writing it.. Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs justa..