100_6120 Seasons come and go, moments pass quicker it seems. The sounds of summer, just a memory in the corner of my mind. People’s voice in the distance…voices faint as rides take them around and up and down and spinning to and fro.

Gone so quickly are things like :

Sweat squirting out of my pores as I push the lawn mower.

The bedroom AC unit humming all night-

Bugs buzzing in my face

Tar bubbles popping as I drove over the roads in the really hot weather


cloudless skies

Poof… the leaves are starting to change, 100_4391 the raindrops tonight were like ice water pellets on my bare arms, the wipers needed the heat of the defroster to clear off the rain splatter.

I do not know about you, but I am amazed it is already time to put away the yard ornaments, empty the shed, sweep it out, check the snow tire tread, winterize the camper and get ready to batten down the hatches.

100_5052 It seems like just yesterday I was excited to see the tulips waking up from a long sleep in the winter, and already they are gone, tucked back into the earth , nestled safely for another 6 months.

I am driving to work and home from work with headlights on, I am wondering which sweater to wear to work, and the hot soup with dinner tonight was welcoming.

Fall is pretty, I can not deny it, but I just do not seem to be at the best time of the year when it gets cold. My finger tips crack, my heels crack , skin flakes, sinus infections start, bronchitis likes to hover over me , waiting for me to lower my guard.

And yes I know we could probably live up north for 6 mos and move to warmer climate for 6 months, but not yet… not now at 56 yrs old.

Perhaps if I had stayed at a government job or a public service job for my whole life- perhaps than I would be retired… but alas- I was not  blessed with that chance. Life has been a constant pick my self up by the bootstraps and start over- and starting over as much as I have- well that did not leave options for early retirement. So I guess I will start preparing for the days to come, getting lotion that heals dry cracked skin, checking our coats, washing hats and mittens and scarves,  and beginning my “one more day till Spring “ philosophy. In a few months I will start counting the “white knuckle days” of driving—we never have more than 7 a snow season… uggg. when it is a “white knuckle day” it causes palpitation, nervous diarrhea, heavy breathing, hands shaking, sweating, knees knocking and I sing the Lords Prayer for the entire venture ( kinda sounds like the side effects from cialas HA HA ) ….but than before I know it, Spring is here again, relaxation starts, seeds get planted, newness begins….and it is like a new lease on life. Peace to all, mrs Justa alias Cindy