Some things happen, they just happen, as long as the air is not totally polluted, we can count on the blossoms of Spring coming each year. Whether the democrats or republicans are in office, whether the financial situation in this country is good, or bad… you can always count on certain things to be unaffected.

Things that happen like  rain, fires, sunshine, clouds, wind, snow. Yes we can count on them .

I can count on Hannity- ( who is very compassionate- but he whines) I can count on him whining over the radio every evening at 7:00. ( unless of course the Yankees are being broadcast on that station) and I can count on him repeating some part of his repertoire from the past week, month and year. He brings up many good points, I am not saying I do not like him.. I just hate whining. And if I turn the radio back on at 10, I can count on Michael Savage screaming through the radio and saying he just can not take it.. what ever “it” is.

Bills- they are a thing that happens- we have to owe money to someone or many someones to live. Taxes, another for sure. Frustrations, yep that is a for sure, and smiles- one hopes they are a for sure. These things happen too.

Kids grow up, most of the time that happens, if we are blessed with our children through many years. I was watching Brandon and Preston last evening, and how they are growing, and I was looking at Mackenzie’s photos- from being a 2 pound baby to now a pretty little girl full of vip and vinegar. Kids grow up… yup.. that happens. unless of course they are like Mark and Shawn—they seemed to stop at teenagerhood- in some ways.

What in your life is a constant? What in your life will always happen? there are a lot of things- we just take them for granted. Like trees- in the North east at least- leaves are always going to change colors, the moon is always going to change from full to none, summer days will be humid often- it just happens… we age… it just happens.

I was thinking about the givens in life as I was thinking about Markie and his birthday is coming this Sunday. I was thinking no matter if we want to age or not—if the financial world sucks or is very profitable, if it is cold or hot, … we age.

Things happen, we can not change them… we can just roll with the changes and smile as we face them

Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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