I have not written on this subject for a while but I am moved to today.

100_1340 Mental illness is a really tough illness. For some people medications help so that at times it shows no signs a lot of the time.

There are days that are normal- what ever normal is, but than there are days that the person seems lost, empty, like they are only able to grasp a small part of themselves. Anxiety, depression, psychosis, they are very real.

There are different people I have known that suffer from one sort of mental illness or another. And if they are or are not on meds, the days of emptiness still do exist at times… for some more often than not. It is almost like watching a person trapped in a section of their  life they can not always get out of. a section that is vacant.

Some people never get a day of not dealing with the challenges… others do get days of functioning very well.

I watched a girl in church today, she appears to be challenged with multiple learning disabilities. She has the innocence of a child, I have no idea her age, she never seems to age. She has been going to church for years now, and she looks the same 100_6024 to me as she did the first time I saw her. Her clothes are very conservative, they remind me of clothes that perhaps a middle school girl would wear in the 60s, with scalloped collar, neatly pressed, saddle shoes and white ankle socks with lace trim. She loves music, and I do not think she ever has done  anything intentionally evil. She says hi to people, and sings to the songs- yet she knows not the words, her hands clapping at times, if she really likes the music..softly..but with enjoyment. She makes me smile… I can not help it, for to live with the innocence, and not to know the ugliness of the world, how special it is. She is obviously dependant on others, and the others seem to not mind, but this girl- this woman locked in a young girls body- I am sure when her days on this earth are through, she will still appear like a young woman. Every day must start out like a field of flowers…with a fresh new smile, a deep breath in and a stretch as she reaches for the new day to begin…she does well with her disabilities.

So as I close, I hope that if any one is dealing with or knowing someone with a mental illness or disability… I hope you find comfort in knowing that every day is not going to be easy, try to enjoy each day the best you can.

Peace to all, patience to all, and smile a smile for me 🙂 Love, mrs justa.. alais Cindy