As I sit here, at 10:25 in the evening, there is the comforting sound of thunder rolling all around us. I do find it comforting, I probably would not if we lived in tornado alley, but we do not.

I can remember thunder storms when Jeff was a child , and a teenager.  There would be a thunder storm and we would lie on the living room floor, the huge window curtain open as wide as possible, the lights in the house off, and we would stare up at the dark sky. Jeff and I spent many week nights on that living room floor watching as the storm rolled over our home. The lightening would flash and we would see the tree branches as they seemed to be waving hello to us.

At one point, when Jeff was in middle school, we had a crazy dog, his name was Chip , he was a Cairn Terrier, and he was very afraid of thunder. That little runt could hear the thunder when it was still 200 miles away. He would bark and run from one end of the house to the other, till it had passed over us and was gone for an hour or so. It was like his predestined mission, to bark the storm away.

We would try to cradle him, and tell him it was okay, but if that sucker broke free of our hold, the more distance he ran, the more hyper he got, the more barking he would do. Then after the storm was long gone, he would literally drop to the floor in total exhaustion, a smile on his face, because he was successful in his mission.

But lets go back to the comfort part of the storm… the pre Chip – pre Carmel days. (Carmel our 2nd dog was very similar to Chip) Now we have Indi, and he just kinda lets the storm be. If there is a really loud clap of thunder/lightening he will bark out of fear, but he does not feel it is his appointed duty to scare the storm away.

I think I find comfort, because I feel like it is a way to show me that there is a higher power than any of us in control. It is like talking, or reaching out over all of us. I love to see the lightening forms, they are never the same, and impossible to catch on my digital camera- as it has a delay on it. I have been in places that got struck by lightening… that was not comforting… but most of the time, the lightening is just there.

We have not had a lot of storms this summer, so this almost seems like a treat. We live in an area that is treeless around the house, so there is no fear of trees falling or branches hitting our home or our cars.

So it is peaceful in a noisy kind of way. Peace and comfort… I am going to go enjoy it. Have a wonderful Weds, until tomorrow night… nighty night. Love to all, Mrs Justa… alais Cindy

( photo from google images…/2006/13sep_electricice/)