I had read a quote the other day from “Kathy Austin” … it has been going thru my mind ever since.. 100_5673

Managers light the fire

       under people.

  Leaders light the fire

       in people.”

So this weekend I have been really thinking about this, and it goes way beyond managers and leaders, this can apply to parents, and friends, and spouses, the list goes on and on.

In my wondering , pondering mind as I was observing the world around me, wherever I went… I saw interactions that displayed people who have the fire lit under them and those with the fire lit inside them . Those who light the fire under or in me.

A moment of time spent praising someone for something, a kind word, a sincere question “ How are you today?” ( and than staying still to,listen for their response).. those are things that I believe light the fire within.

We were at a restaurant this morning and I was watching and observing the employees interactions with the customers and with each other, they were inspired to be there. It appeared to be a place where people feel needed, and appreciated.

We were at a store yesterday and there was a guy at the check out who had a major attitude… like an attitude of he wanted to be anywhere else but there… and he did not like dealing with people. The way he handled the merchandise, the way he took the money, no eye contact… it was a complete contrast from today’s experience.

Today at the gym there are certain people who greet us when we come in and they seem sincere… there are others that greet us at other times as they are walking away to do something else. Today’s person, she is an encouragement… there is another one in particular … she seems like in her mind she is thinking “ door opens… greet people… “ like it is a task she really does not want to do.

100_5522_edited  100_6018   The role of a parent and grandparent… is such a critical role… we need to encourage our children to learn, and praise them for their attempts at different things. Children need to know it is okay not to be perfect, and to not be afraid to admit when they have made a mistake.. we need to light the fire within them . They need to know they are loved.

Have you ever had a teacher that lit the fire in your hunger for knowledge? Those are the teachers that helped to mold each of us. I think Mark was that type of instructor when he taught at the NTTS truck driving school. My drivers ed teacher was like that. My kindergarten teacher was like that. Special people who made us become the best that we could be.

Or a nurse that helped you help yourself to heal? Who answered you questions? Who gave you a back rub? Who stopped in her very busy schedule and sat next to you bed and talked to you, held your hand, gave you undivided attention for a few moments.

A police officer who helped you feel better in a bad situation? A time when you are feeling frightened, alone, and unsure what to do.

A pastor who was there in a time of need? Who shared guidance without even knowing how helpful they had been? A waitress who made you feel special ? A doctor who took the time to listen and helped you through a tough time? A counselor who  was there for you in a time of need?

It makes all the difference in the world how we treat one another. You can make the difference in someone’s day.. you can light  a fire within… we all can…

Thanks for stopping by, for taking some time to click over here, and I do appreciate it!

I love our kids, I love my husband, I love every person in our family…

and I am sending a little bit of Love to all… Mrs Justa… Alias Cindy