“You have the power to make somebody’s day…..”100_6146_edited (Dan Zacha)

We really do have the power to affect another person’s day. For me, it is best to affect other people’s day in a positive way.

We each have affects on the world around us, and we each can be aware of how our actions might impact the rest of someone else’s day- or at least part of their day.

Happiness is not guaranteed for each day of your life- there is no promise that you will ALWAYs have happiness.. but by the same token- you can always be the giver of happiness.

A kind gesture, a kind word, maybe just a smile – can turn another persons moment, day, life around. Now if that other person chooses to take the kind action in a negative way- well that is not your responsibility. 


Brandon and Preston have no idea how many people they each  can bring happiness to, with just their  smile,Brandon has such a zest for life, and Preston is just so happy to see people. He makes me feel special, and he knows not how . it just happens.

Have you ever done something , that at the time you were doing it, you truly felt it was going to be an awesome thing for the person you were doing it for?

And only to find out, your gesture was not received in such a positive manner. You attempted to give happiness.

Like when I was about 3 years old, me and the little boy from downstairs in our flat we lived in, well we decided to surprise my mom with a gift. So we went in the back area of the yard and gathered every flower we could find. I still remember climbing up the steep stairs to the apartment, with my little toddler legs stretching with each stair riser, clutching this beautiful bouquet behind my back, my tiny fingers of one hand grasping it tight… the little boy and I told my mom to close her eyes, and poof she opened them to see our colorful surprise. Well our surprise became a bigger surprise to us- as my mom she made this sound that sounded like the start of laughter… but instead she just started crying. It turned out, we had picked every single one of her tulips….we were young, we meant no harm, we were trying to bring happiness…We had no control how that was going to end up.

I try each day to give happiness to others… it makes it easier to sleep at night, hopefully for me and the other people. I hope each of you have happiness in your day, in your moments, in your life. And remember—a smile in contagious…. spread it around. Love mrs Justa… alias Cindy