brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 141 Imus is our cat, I have written about him before and I am sure I will again. He is a really neat little guy, and we are amazed he functions with how little he normally eats. Mark had noticed with the heat and humidity these past two days his appetite had gone pretty low, he is drinking – just not hungry, so we were thinking about what we could do to make get him to eat a little. So this evening , Mark drained the water from a tuna can on his food, and he gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. So now I wonder if all of the sudden he has just decided he does not like the food he has had for years now.

I am feeling a little guilty, figuring he just does not have much of an appetite, and perhaps the reality is , he wants something different. So this weekend I think we will get a different kind and try to mix it slowly into the old food to wean him off of it. He has never been a big eater, but these past few weeks he has been a really small eater.

I am wondering if this will frisk him up a bit, it has been so darn hot, none of us have wanted to move too quickly… we will have to see. I have missed the spunky little flying around cat… and I really attributed it to the humid hot weather…

It was in the 90s today, the house is pretty warm, so what do I do???? I come home and bake 6 dozen ginger snaps. MMM the house smells divine , imagebut it did produce a little more heat!. ( thanks google images for this clip art!)

See one of the people from work is leaving tomorrow,we are having a little party , a send off…  she is going home to just be a stay at home wife for a bit, many of the other people at work are envying the fact she is able to do it, I hope it is a good choice for her. She is looking forward to having dinner ready for her husband when he comes home from work, and taking more time with her grandchildren, getting her house in order—both figuratively and literally. She and I can tell each other anything, we trust each other, we have experienced good and not so good times during the times we have been on the same path. I will miss her…

There is a girl scout song from a zillion years ago, when I was a brownie I learned it- at the end of each meeting we gathered together, we would stand in a circle, our arms crossed over one another, and we would all hold the others hand, linked together, being knotted together by individuals and becoming one unit, and we would sing this song . …  it goes like this… “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold..” Well she is a golden friend… a gift from God… she and I met in 1963, and life has taken us on side paths on our individual life journeys, yet the roads always meet again. Side pathways divided by the Atlantic Ocean for years… and yet we have worked together now for quite a few years together. She says she is through with working right now, so I am not sure how our journeys will entwine.

Good luck to you , Sue… and Imus..I hope tonight has spoken for you and that the new food we get you will be just what you need to kick start your appetite. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy