This morning as I was walking across the parking lot to work, there was a man. He was semi unkempt,  and had a olive green stained laundry bag flung over his shoulder. The bag was not a huge bag, it was maybe about 3 feet long at the most. It was only partially filled, not even 1/2 way — he was carrying a blue small bottle of what appeared to maybe be Purex laundry soap. His shoes looked stretched out and not tied , this caused  his gait was a shuffle.

I do not know why he got to me, but he did.

Mark shakes his head whenever I go inside peoples lives in my mind. I think it is from the creative writing class I took in 10th grade, when we were handed daily random photos from “Life” magazine, and we had to write a short story about the photo. Ever since that class, I find myself having my self-made assumptions of what another person might be dealing with.

I take pride in being able to read another persons eyes. That ability was strengthened in the hospital, as I cared for many patients who were alert, but could not speak. I would look at their eyes, and could tell if they were feeling poorly, if they were sad, or in pain. This mans eyes looked like he felt defeated with life.

So here I am watching this man shuffle across the lot. I begin to wonder- what is so important that he has to go to the laundry mat to wash less that a small load of clothes. Is it because that is all he owned? Or is it something that got missed in a previous load, that must get worn today. I am leaning towards the first assumption.

I continue to walk into work and realize how darn lucky we are. We have clothes to choose from, there are some people in this world who have probably not worn the same thing for over a month.I am sure you know people who have shoes and purses that match every outfit. And here is  this man , if he only owns what is in that laundry bag- wow- I bet the amount in the bag would be equivalent to a pair or 2 of underwear and socks, maybe a pair of pants and a tee shirt.

And here is this man… feeling the need to go to the laundry at 7:45 in the morning… hmmm.

Than tonight Mark and I remembered to watch “Man Versus Food” because it was filmed in Syracuse for this one show. As I watched this, I was reminded of the news broadcast last evening about a food pantry that is worried it will not be able to continue, because there are so many more people who have no money for food…. and here is this man – Adam- eating a 6 pound frittata that frittata probably could have fed a family of 12 at least. This photo from google images is only a small part of what that guy devoured.

Yes we are a nation of inequity, and waste… and I believe there is a lack the time to care for others, and I think anyone who believes that a person likes to be on food stamps- should try to live on food stamps.

We just had dinner a while ago… 1.5 oz of gianelli sausage, and a zucchini, tomato and pepper diced up in the pan with a can of diced tomatoes, that mixed with  3/4 c of wheat pasta, a side salad. I am feeling satisfied with the dinner… how many out there are not? How many do not have clothes to wear, or a bed to lay their head on tonight…this man has brought up all these pondering thoughts tonight.

Good night to all, I am exhausted… I am off to rest… I hope that man  has somewhere safe to rest his head- whomever he is.

Love to all… Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy