A simple game, not very expensive, easy to do, and fun for many.

Games in life, what games do we play?

I was looking at a toy ad , and it came to me , that we… as a society… are not providing enough opportunities for our kids to have toys that they need to work to make it do something. I am often amazed at the cost of games that many buy for their children.

I am frustrated by the thought that babies, toddlers, and young childrens toys need to be battery operated and make noises. Music, beeps, flashing lights.

What is this world coming to ,  really? 

What happened to letting the kids make the noises themselves? What happened to letting kids hear the sounds of life? Learning to crank, or twist, or pound a little wooden hammer on a cobblers bench, rolling a ball, pushing a plastic truck that is quiet, no batteries needed. My goodness, what happens if you do not have more batteries, what shall the child do?

I would  think toddlers who would love chase bubbles around. Crayons, paper, finger paints, a box to crawl in, simple life things. What happened to paper dolls and color-forms?  Kaleidoscopes, and scratch paper.

At the fair last week, I can not even begin to estimate how many teens I saw, strolling slowly through the crowds,            I-phones in their hands, texting or instant messaging whomever. What did they see as they strolled in the crowd? Why did they even come to the fair?

I was heating my lunch in the upper cafe at work today, I love doing it up there, because the street is below, and I can people watch. I found myself shaking my head as I watched people supposedly walking down the street with another person, but one or both not talking to the other person, but instead messaging someone else. It reminded me of the sci fi movies that have robots or outer space creatures inhabiting the earth, no emotions, just moving with a mission.. Kinda like a “take me to your leader” type scenario.

We need to step back folks, we need to pay attention to people in our lives. People need people.. ( like the song says. ) “people who need people are the100_4778_edited luckiest people in the world. “ Put away the damn cell phones, droids and lap tops, and start talking to those around you. Read a child a  book, sit and actually play with a child, talk to your friends, talk to your family, take time to pray, this is life… this is our only chance in life…. make memories about you that others will remember. No one is going to remember you texting them…. but I bet someone would remember if they got a card from you, or sat somewhere and talked to you, It means a heck of a lot more to look right in a persons eyes and say “I like being with you” or “I love you” …than to have them receive a text saying “I luv u.”

Let’s all take life back over, and let the electronics not run our lives… Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias. Cindy