As we left Byrne Dairy the other day, picking up our milk in a glass bottle, we started to drift back about 45 years in our lives. Back to the day of home deliveries.

Yes, back in the 60s there were different delivery trucks that would come to our house. Grocery stores were not as frequent, were not as massive, we did not have a second car, so we were blessed with the benefit of living in a time when delivery vans brought essential things to your home.

The milk man would come and leave off glass bottles like this one in an aluminum cooler type box on the front porch if we were not home. Or he would knock and we would just get it from him sometimes, but I think his route was early in the morning sometimes , and if it was too early he used the box. He had juice, butter and eggs too.

There was also a bakery type man that would come and deliver breads and certain types of baked good. He came later in the morning, so I could go out and peek in the back of his van. It smelled like fresh baked breads and hot cross buns.

MMMM, I loved the smell of the van. image Kinda like this one.

And we were talking about how practical this might be in this day and age? I , for one, would love to have fresh milk from the milk store delivered to the door once or twice a week. How neat would that be. It would save me a trip to the dairy store.

This might be a wave of the past, that the future could use.

Things from long ago were simpler , and to those from now probably looks like they were lacking. But we had more family time, we had moms at home with the children, and dads were able to earn enough to support the family . We had one car families, and we went to church on Sundays together. Sunday was a day of family time. Stores closed so EVERYONE could share the wonder of Sunday.

Wonderful World of Disney was on, and the colored peacocks tail opened on NBC, Sunday dinner was like a mini Thanksgiving, we said grace before we ate.. Our napkins were linen and we had a napkin ring with our initials on it, a treat was to have an ice cream sundae, and we were read stories at bedtime, and tucked into our beds.

Just reflecting a little,   now I am off to do stuff for work.. Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy