Life is but a circle, events go around and around and we meet things old with things new. This weekend is the first weekend of the 2010 NYS Fair. It is the type of place that some people have to go every year, and others (like me) will go every few years. Much stays the same, just a different year, different people manning the booths, different interests people have, different stars on the free event stage and on the night time – pay mucho bucks_ concert stage.

Oh I know concert tickets are much more pricey at non state fair concerts, but to me shelling out from 45.00 to 104.00 for a ticket for a concert at a State Fair- that just seems really steep.

The free “concert” in chevy court today was Adam Richman for the TV show Man VS Food. I personally thought it was bogus. 100_6099 The volume was distorted on the mike so half the time you could not hear him. He is notorious for taking on these huge food challenges to see if he can eat exorbitant amounts of food. Well today he showed the audience of thousands 100_6100 how to make a BLT and than he was the narrator for a food challenge between local celebrities. He made very off color jokes with sexual innuendoes at a 2PM family show, and it just seemed silly and not the correct venue. He had gone around the state fair the day before and than chose what foods the DJ or celebrity panel would have to eat, being fed by a person on their team, the person eating had to keep their hands behind their backs and let another person shove food in their mouths. I was definitely disappointed in the flavor ( pardon the pun) of this show. We actually watched some, than went into the Center of Progress Building and came back out for the rest.

The temperature was in the 80s, no sign of rain, and I am just estimating there was over 100,000 people there. In the couple of buildings we went into , it was bumping into one another, and fast talking vendors selling their products- which of course are the best product of all at the fair. I do find that amusing, that every one of the people there are selling the best product.

This one dude was demonstrating a blender, so powerful you can put the apple in core and all, strawberries unhulled, pineapples with the core, oranges partially peeled, seeds and all, just throw them all in and it will puree the whole thing- for just 449.00. Yes,… and if that is too much, why you can make monthly payments. ( Duh, that is still 449.00 plus taxes…and lets add some interest) .. No I do not have a new blender on the counter-man  for 449.00 I could replace our blender about 10 times. But people were being temped… another vendor was selling something for ONLY 20.00, that looked like a way oversized back pack on wheels. He was stating it was going “green”, because this pack- well you can cram all your groceries in this one pack, save the earth , no more need for plastic bags. AND being it is on wheels , it will be easy to get around. People were buying these left and right… “$20.00 is cheep” one lady said… Now I ask you, who would want to cram ALL their groceries in one bag? Think about what you buy… ya really gonna stuff it all in a glorified back pack? Eggs, Dairy, veggies, fresh fruits, meats, breads, canned goods, pasta- yep cram it all in there…

100_6112 Food everywhere, and we looked forward to the sausage sandwich, we actually balanced our calories for one, and it was a total disappointment. Probably because we do not eat greasy things anymore, it was just a bummer. We were able to stop and sit at different places, heck one time we sat in the horse arena, not cuz we like horses, just benches. … another time in the cow barn—there were benches available in there too… all in all  we really were not there too long, just long enough to know that maybe in another 5 yrs we will go back again- heck than we can get in for SENIORS discount.

Yep, round and round life goes, we buy foolish things, we are guilty of the I wants, we forget sometimes to reason, and a friendly face, with a convincing sales pitch, will sell just about anything to someone.

Have a great time this weekend, Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy