It seems to me, in this life we live in, we are always reaching out for change. Something to make things better, ways to be quicker, ways to be more techie.

And in all the change we sometimes think we personally have a better way, and so we try ways, ways that others may have tried and failed, repeating the same steps and getting no where.

I kinda felt that on Weds I had stretched out a lot, as I lay in the preparation room prior to the cataract surgery on my L eye. I  let every person know ( I think I even told the cleaning people) that the right eye surgery done at the end of June, seemed a little disturbing. I knew the whole operation, watching things come towards my eye and not being able to do a darn thing about it, so I asked if there was a way possible to make me a little less unaware. Everyone said yes, and that they could tweak the sedating drugs just a little , so I would not see the needles as they approached my eye. They did warn me that I have to be alert enough to move my eye on command, if I was asked to do so. So I agreed, I would be okay with that.

Well somewhere in the sedation I think it may have been tweaked a little too high, because during the intricate part of the surgery, scalpel to the eyeball part, my eyes drifted upwards, as I tried to sleep, and there has been a slight cut on my cornea. Needless to say this recovery has not been as painless as the last, and the vision is not returning quite as quickly to a clear state, it goes from looking thru a rubbermaid bowl clear to a foggy window clear. But it will get there, I am told, just need to have the slight swelling in the eye go down.

Fortunately for me, I can do the bike and elliptical at the gym, and the treadmill if I walk, and I can push the lawn mower, but can not bend to fill it or start it. So that is my day today, that and some computer work.

I am a little disappointed I reached out now, I stretched to the sky and asked to make me a little more sedated, and yet I am very glad I do not have the memories of the first surgery. It is a give and take I guess, it can not be easy to judge the milligrams of meds going thru an IV to know when is just that tweak amount,  but such is life. I will reach now towards the sky again towards the full recovery, and life will go on.

I have a side note, that if anyone who reads this, used to communicate on face book with me… or just read facebook stuff… I am no longer on facebook. I have had –within 5 weeks—to take the computer into the repair shop because of a really nasty virus that consumes the entire computer. So — no more face book, the computer guy believes that is where it is coming from. He said Twitter, Facebook and my space are notorious for viruses such as that one. So bye bye facebook… heck it was a pain anyhow… Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa.