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Thought for the day. I think aging is neat , in a way, we are only young and foolish at times once, and as I age I feel like I am looking over others as they are learning through life’s lessons what to do and what not to do.

I think what hit me today, pretty strong , was what people are doing to their bodies now, and are they totally not living in the reality that what they do today will be an impression for life?

There are people with gaudy tattoos all over their necks, arms legs… and I am talking about woman too. The tattoo craze has hit and hit hard. And I have a hard time understanding how a person will think they will look professional in a blazer, blouse and skirt, with some skull tattoo on their leg? Or this one lady I saw.. at no where else but Walmart LOL had flames going up the base of her neck to her skull.

I can personally say that would cause concern in some of the job interviews I have been on. And I think it sends a message that is not a positive one.

Than I saw 2 guys – probably in their late teens with these earrings that look like they have stretched out their ear lobe.

now maybe it is just me, but dudes and dudettes- you are not going to be 20 forever.

What about when you are 30, looking for a professional type job, aaaaa- I am just wondering… are these people who do not believe in the future? what about becoming a professional anything??? a doctor , a lawyer, a salesman, a pastor, it just is not very attractive or in my warped aged mind- it is a little gaudy. It is really weird with these man hole covers in.. but what about when they are not in? Hope you do not get close to a grabbing baby… But heck, maybe by that it will be so stretched you could tie it in a knot…

Oh as teens we did our share of foolish things, but I think they were less permanent. Like cut our hair weird, or wear patched clothes, or fray our jeans, suck on cinnamon toothpicks, wear mood rings and necklaces, but put a whole in our ear lobe the size of a mammoth cave…. not so much. (photo form Google images)

It is to make a statement – some may tell me… and what is that statement? That when money is tough and your pocket has a whole in it, you can always carry a silver dollar in your earlobe?

Oh I know, I am old fashion, not in the groove ( or what ever the term is not) but I am practical. So I just ask.. think not just of today.. but all the tomorrows, as you do things to make your statement. Love to all, mrs Justa.. alias CIndy