Situations, people in life can be so misunderstood  as the world seems to spin faster and faster. We can sit still and watch the world pass by, but if we are not careful someone will surprise us with some negative thing or another.

In life, the way it seems to me right now, it seems like everywhere I go I am surrounded by people, much like me, who are trying to put too much in a day, or we are advancing beyond a reasonable level.

I think we often are so damn busy that in the instant we are exposed to someone or something, we can totally get the wrong message or interpretation of what ever is going on.

We do not slow down enough to care. We need to stop and watch and listen. We need to put ourselves in the others shoes. We need to always think before we speak, and play a scene back in our minds to make sure before we do it, it is what we want to be remembered by.  100_5382

To stop and take a moment before we say something, before we do something, and really think about how it will be interpreted, or what impression are we making?

I was think today as I left the ladies room in the gym, that life is going too fast, too many changes all at once. Phones that are computers, cars that lock as soon as you drive, computers that do everything, facebook that can hurt people, life is too techy….

Too many new ideas,…. like \at work the bathrooms have auto faucets and regular flush toilets, at the gym the toilets are automatic, but the faucets are manual. I bet at least once a week, when I am in the locker room there is a faucet left running, and I really think it is because the person was used to the automatic faucets, We have technology overload. We are becoming very impersonal as a nation, we can no call and talk to person, no we text them.

And when was the last time anyone sent a card in the mail for a just because moment? OR a note , via the US Postal Service, just asking how someone is doing? Isn’t it sad I have to go way back in time, in my memory trapped in my mind, of when I received a letter from anyone. Lets stop and put the compassion back into our every day lives, lets stop sweating the things that do not matter in 99 years, and work on those things that will. Lets remember to leave a happy memory when you leave a situation, and never go to sleep on an angry sun, Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy