100_6035 August 19, 2010, Brandon’s birthday. The little guy is growing up really fast, and is so much fun to be around.

He is a tinker type kid, a mini engineer, trying to see how things work, so this birthday I remembered I had a craft magazine that had a toy I thought would be great for him.

I went in the box with my few crafty things in it and pulled out a very old craft magazine I have had since the 1980s. In it is a pattern to create, so off we went this weekend to Joanne Fabrics, craft book in hand, and found amterial and accessories.. than after church Sunday I went to work on this. And voila– the snake was created. Each section of the snake is fastened with a different type of fastener. The head is tied to the next section, the next two are attached with velcro, the next 2 I did BIG snaps and the tail with 2 buttons. I tried to sew everything on really snug, 100_6053_edited

and I hope in time he will be able to undo and do all the sections. The very center piece I had an idea to add a zipper- so I found a 6 “ zipper for him to pull up and down.

It really took only 4 1/2 hours once I had made the pattern. This book has mini patterns and tells you to recreate it on pieces of paper by drawing 1 “ squares and than follow their mini sketch to fit in the squares.

He was funny because the gift bag we brought over has a window area- so he kept taking it out of the bag and playing a little with it, than putting it back in so it was looking out the window.

We were over there a day early, so we gave it to him as a pre-birthday gift. I had thought about doing that because I knew we were going over to stay with the kids, so Jeff and Amanda could go out on their anniversary. And in the end, I really thought it was nicer to give him this gift that way, I think it would have gotten lost in the moment of lots of family over on his actual birthday tonight. At 2, I do not really think he noticed that we were there a day early for his birthday. Tonight he had lots of other family over and I am sure he got many more special gifts.

We took a photo of the two boys- it came out kinda neat… 100_6044 I think

they are going to be great friends as they get older.

I cherish any time I spend with them, they grow too quick.

Tonight it is pretty still around here, Mark had gone to bed early, he was beat. He has been kinda at a high energy level , kinda manic like for a few days and tonight it is down hill -  is a not so high evening. We got home from the gym at about 7:55 , made a quick dinner and he is off to hopefully slumberland for the night.

There is a threat of thunderstorms on and off- I can see diffused light images away on the horizon. Out here there are no street lights, and we have no trees on our land, so it is all sky, and very peaceful to look at it. It is strange but without my fingers typing on the keys, the world is silent. The pets are lounging somewhere in here, and every once in a blue moon I will hear the hum of tires as a car passes by on the main street- about 260 feet away.

Everywhere we go is a mini road trip, but as I listen to absolutely nothing… I am thinking the road trip back is to tranquility… so it is worth it. Have a wonderful rest of the evening. Brandon ol buddy- Happy Birthday, I hope your day was filled with wonder and joy. You have so very many people who love you , I’m  sure you have felt the love all day long. Love to all, mrs Justa.. alias Cindy… alias Grandma