Mark. Shawn, Pat and I are starting to talk about a vacation next year. We first were talking about maybe renting an RV for a week- but Shawn’s idea of camping is a hotel without a Jacuzzi, so him in an RV for a week might not be real comfortable for him and his bride. I guess last week he went onto a local camper site to check out blue prints of the rentals, and when we met for breakfast he was already talking about the negatives of the RV. I just do not think he gets the same ahhh- relaxation feeling from the outdoors. Mark loves to camp and so do I, and we know there are animals we are sharing the woods with… I could see Shawn if a raccoon came to the door!

This one night many many yrs ago …we were camping once in Alleghany for the family reunion, and it was night time, dark.. really dark.

Mark and I went to the dumpster together to throw out garbage from  the family dinner. AS we opened the dumpster a raccoon popped out, and Mark did a yaba-daba doo stage left – zoom outta there, leaving me in his dust… haa I could see the 2 of them… I am laughing already just thinking about it.

100_4242 So now we are talking about doing a cruise. They had been on one years ago…  I am sure things have changed a lot since their last cruise 23 yrs ago, and they loved it then…. and we have never been on one. I think it is a good idea. We would have to figure what week and than set plans soon to get good rates. We have to get passports and such, but the 4 of us old fogies, we could have a pretty good time , I think.

We would possibly head to the Bahamas, but who knows, it is definitely in the drawing plan stages, and we would have to coordinate quite a bit. But it is fun to have a plan for something.

We got the camper a new awning last week- they actually had one in their store room at the camper place, and sold it 1/2 price to get rid of it. The one on the camper- the bag was rotted- and this last trip we were afraid the zipper was going to totally give way and we would be traveling the interstate with a sail! We stopped and electric taped the edges together- we had not used it, cuz we knew if we got it out of the bag, we would never close the bag again. We were trying to figure out a way to do a velcro type strap – but in the end- getting it replaced was the much better choice.

So life is okay here, I did a sewing project today, mended some clothes , and now am off to iron. Work is coming quickly on me, Marks car is in the shop— brake line is seeping and pedal is mushy, the John Deere is at the John Deere dealer- 1/2 the deck dropped off it, so we are chomping at the bit over the cost of those 2 items. Man it never stops… just never ever stops. I hope all is well in you neck of the woods… have a great Monday.. Until alter, Mrs Justa alias Cindy